American Admirals Clubs Are Getting Avocado Toast

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Here’s a cute new feature that will soon be available at select American Admirals Clubs. American has just informed me that they’ll be rolling out avocado toast in select Admirals Clubs starting April 3, 2018. This will be available from 7AM until 10AM daily, and fortunately isn’t replacing American’s popular afternoon guacamole station.

American Admirals Club

The complimentary made-to-order avocado toast stations will first roll out in Charlotte (CLT), Washington Reagan (DCA), Dallas Fort Worth (DFW), Phoenix (PHX), and Philadelphia (PHL), and will hopefully be expanded beyond that at a later point. Guests will have their choice of adding toppings like tomatoes, prosciutto, and smoked salmon.

Here are some pictures that American has shared of the new avocado toast:

Mmmm, now I’m hungry (though that may largely be a function of having constantly been denied my first choice of meals on TAAG Angola for the past 24 hours).

I love the concept of these made-to-order stations. In addition to the guacamole, American has been adding live cooking stations to their new Flagship Lounges, which is a feature I’ve enjoyed.

American Flagship Lounge live cooking station

American Flagship Lounge live cooking station

While Flagship Lounges have great food, Admirals Clubs generally don’t have great food, so I consider this to be a nice addition. It’s perhaps one of the small advantages that between Admirals Clubs have on Delta SkyClubs, which are otherwise superior in every year (then again, Delta doesn’t have any premium lounges for their international passengers, so SkyClubs are as good as they get).

Delta SkyClubs generally have a far superior food selection than Admirals Clubs

I look forward to trying out the avocado toast. I’m a bit surprised to see American offer both guacamole and avocado toast — avocados aren’t cheap, so with Doug Parker at the helm I figured they’d be more likely to offer Spam toast.

Have you taken advantage of American’s made-to-order guacamole? Do you look forward to trying the avocado toast?

  1. While I’d definitely take avocado toast over spam toast,I would totally eat some spam toast if it was prepared Hawaiian style.

  2. Man, Admirals clubs have the absolute -weakest- breakfast selection of any legacy carrier. Even Delta Sky Clubs have those microwave ‘omelettes’ nowadays, but I’ve never seen an Admirals club with more than a bagel and ‘lemon cake.’

  3. That Guacamole station is absolutely hilarious. Looks like hogs elbowing out each other at the trough.

  4. Dreadful. With the added insult to culinary good taste of “extra toppings”….of such unsuitability they could only have been designed by aberrant colonials.

  5. @Lucky — you misspelled ‘forward’ as ‘froward’ near the end of the post.

    @Jon — is there a photo of the guacamole station that you see? Because I don’t see a photo like that.

  6. What’s so infamous with the guacamole stations? I’ve only experienced it once at LAX, I was quite happy with it. What am I missing?

  7. MY GOD…..Are you going to do a separate post for every single food item on the lounge menu? I suppose the only thing this post is missing is the obligatory credit card sign up link….

  8. @Anna:

    That was my first thought, too. It looks like Texas Toast that you’d get at Sizzler. And while that’s also horrible for you (but still horribly delicious), it’s not something I’d want to throw avocado on. Needs to be a sliced baguette or GTFO.

  9. If avocado toast is why millennials can’t buy houses, if I eat the free avocado toast at Admirals Clubs can I still buy a house?

  10. Millennials are no longer perceived as representing youth? They can be as old as 38 depending on what definition you use. Perhaps people should start referring to Generation Z instead?

  11. AA is forgetting that millennials are dumb enough to pay $6+ for a cup of coffee and $12 for two piece of bread with some sub-grade avocado on it…. which is why they can’t afford AAdmirals Club memberships.

    …which is fine by me. It’s kind of nice to have an older, calmer, quieter crowd in the lounges.

  12. I’d gladly give up the avocado toast for some saver award availability.
    However being that’s not an option I’ll stay with my plan to rarely fly American and continue using cash back cards over their credit card with Citibank
    I’m doing everything I can to avoid American even doing the unthinkable using Southwest and Delta and the one sweet spot of defecting enjoying Alaska Airlines very much

  13. woo hoo! I eat avocado and eggs on toast almost every morning, so as geeky as this sounds, I am excited about it!

  14. All the resentment (jealousy?) towards millenials from the most entitled generation (Baby Boomers) on this post is pretty sad.

    Don’t be jealous of your kids, fellas. It’s not a good look.

  15. @AS: “All the resentment (jealousy?) towards millenials from the most entitled generation (Baby Boomers) on this post is pretty sad.”

    And how do you know, pray tell, who here is a boomer and who isn’t?

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