Amazing Deal: Fly From The US To New Zealand For $250 Roundtrip

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As Tiffany posted about a couple of days ago, we’ve been seeing some amazing fares between the US and Australia, as low as ~$400 roundtrip. This has been a legitimate fare war, which is to say that it has been an intentional competition between airlines, rather than a mistake. You’ve gotta love how competitive airlines are, though I can’t wrap my head around what they’re trying to prove by undercutting one another on price by so much.

Qantas 747 at LAX

We’re now seeing some incredibly low fares to New Zealand. has ~$250 roundtrip tickets to Auckland out of both Los Angeles and San Francisco.


There’s a minimum stay of a week, and the fare is valid for travel between July and November.

Auckland, New Zealand

These fares won’t last, so I’d recommend booking as soon as possible. You always have 24 hours to cancel if you change your mind.

It’s possible that these fares are a mistake, so I’d refrain from making any other non-refundable travel reservations immediately, just in case.

Anyone taking advantage of these fares to visit New Zealand?

  1. What a pity I have already booked my flight from Wellington to Houston flying Air NZ for $ 1300 NZ

  2. I tried flexible dates and the lowest I could find was LAX to Brisbane via Fiji on Fiji Air. The dates you listed on your site are the dates I needed but other dates didn’t work either. I assume you get no mileage points using Cheapo, right? (though at the fare you showed I wouldn’t care)

  3. @Susan – The flights are to Aukland, New Zealand.

    You should earn miles. They are booking into O class.

  4. My bad. Ignore comment above. Somehow I misread that it was flight to Oz, not NZ. There are indeed still flights available to NZ in November on AA and Qantas. The same flight on AA is about $1400!!!

  5. How many miles are we looking at? It’s AA metal but booked as a Qantas ticket, so sadly only 25% earning in O class right? No way that AA will give me 100% of the flown miles since it is on AA metal?

  6. don’t trust cheapoair. booked it with expedia and paid 365 for november 18th through november 27th

  7. @Jenna, best to credit to Alaska when flying Qantas internationally. Always 1 mile per mile flown, as opposed to Qantas “simpler and fairer” rates, or AA’s 0.25 miles per flown mile.

  8. @John.S I saw crediting to Alaska – but the Alaska Airlines page says flights must be marketed AND operated by Qantas to earn 100% miles flown, so this flight would not qualify, correct?

  9. It’s $225 from SFO AKL and you can get $7 back from topcashback so it’s effectively $218 return on QF meta SFO SYD AKL rtn.

  10. So….. I ended up booking 2 seats AA nonstop LAX-Sydney and return Qantas Auckland-LAX for $360 on the Qantas website. Using Alaska MVP Gold credentials it gives me free Main Cabin Extra but wants me to pay $15 for any seat on the return flight whereas my husband’s AA EP doesn’t have that requirement.
    @Jenna The Alaska website lists Qantas Eligible Flight Numbers on it. Even though it says “marketed & operated by Qantas” my AA flight # QF12 falls within the 1 – 199 listed as eligible. Check on the site where is lists all eligible QF flight #s.

  11. Thanks for the hint. One question: I could only find the cheap price with dates starting October 30th. Did you find earlier dates, such as middle of October?

  12. Does anyone still see this fare active anywhere? I searched a few dates and a few sites and nothing close comes up.

  13. Thanks! I booked a week long trip over labor day earlier this morning for $220 per person!

    I’m not sure why people think CheapO’Air is a scam. My tickets went through no issue and I can see them on both Quantas and Americans website using the confirmation number.

  14. Per Quantas, there is no such fair, and has been no such fair.
    Per Cheapoair, there is no such fair, and has been no such fair.

    (as of 6 pm, Los Angeles time, 12 April)

  15. So did Quantas or Cheapoair take back their tickets or did they honor their prices for their mistake?

  16. Hey Ben, how does this credit to American Airlines? If I booked via Qantas and its on AA metal both ways in class O (and shows up in my American Airlines account), do I get 25% EQM or 100% EQM? Trying to decide if this helps with the platinum challenge.

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