Amazing Deal: ~$1,300 Business Class Tickets To Europe!

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British Airways just announced a flash sale, whereby business class fares from the United States to London can be had at a great discount:

For two days only, we are offering business class fares to London starting from just $2015 round trip (New York to London) including taxes, fees and carrier charges.

To fly starting from only $2015 round trip in Club World transatlantic business class from select US gateway cities, book your flights now for travel between November 16, 2015 and August 31, 2016. Exclusions apply.

Hurry, you only have until Friday, October 16, 2015, to book this exceptional offer.


While $2015 is a great fare for transatlantic business class, you can actually do even better than that! I am seeing fares in the $1800-$2000 range, which is particularly good for those on the West Coast.


These fares are valid across many routes, not just New York > London. I see discounted prices to:

  • London
  • Paris
  • Copenhagen
  • Rome
  • Milan
  • Madrid
  • Frankfurt
  • Lisbon
  • Athens
  • Amsterdam

With departures from:

  • New York
  • Boston
  • Miami
  • Dallas
  • Denver
  • Los Angeles
  • San Francisco

There are probably other city pairs as well, but that should give you a good starting point. You also don’t have to fly British Airways, as these fares are valid on American, Iberia, etc. The fares are also pricing at less than the advertised $2015 rate:


The fare is available for travel between this fall and next summer, so this fare can be useful whether you’re planning Thanksgiving or summer 2016 travel. You’re best off searching through ITA Matrix or Google Flights.

Leveraging the AARP discount

Keep in mind that AARP members can receive $400 off roundtrip business class fares, as described in this post. This is valid for outbound travel through March 31, 2016. This can lower the fares into the range of ~$1,400 roundtrip (or sometimes even less).


As Ben has explained before, anyone can join AARP for $16 per year. We’re both members, and while this discount has had sporadic issues recently, it seems to be working fine this morning.


An extra 10% off

Beyond that, those with the British Airways Visa Card can receive 10% off British Airways fares, for outbound travel through December 31, 2015.

As a reminder, just use promotion code CHASEBA10 at the time of booking.



Under $1300 for business class between the West Coast and Europe is just a crazy good price.

Delta & friends are matching

And not only are they matching the published British Airways fare sale, on many routes their prices are even lower. I see Los Angeles > London flights on Virgin Atlantic for ~$1600, for example:


I see similar fares on Air France and KLM, and it looks like a few more cities are involved on the SkyTeam front, so it’s worth doing some quick research.

You can’t stack the other discounts, but if you’re a Delta/SkyTeam flyer, these are still very compelling rates!

Bottom line

With these discounts combined, you’re now looking at as little as ~$1300 for roundtrip business class tickets to Europe. Given the price of airfare these days, that’s a phenomenal deal.

While the British Airways sale is published for the next two days, inventory will dry up quickly, and the SkyTeam match could end at any time. Last time we announced a sale like this the fares were gone by the time I got out of the shower, so if this is something that sounds interesting I would book now, and cancel within 24 hours.

Do you plan on booking one of these cheap oneworld business class fares to Europe?

Update: If you have (or can transfer points to British Airways) Avios, View From The Wing outlines a way to reduce the out of pocket cost on these tickets even further, to as little as $650 round trip.

  1. What is this obsession with “Leveraging” and its siblings? Why can’t you just say “Using” instead?

  2. Hi Tiffany,

    Timely post… I am finally ready to pick up the BA Chase card and used Ben’s affiliate link last night. But it looks like the annual fee is no longer waived for the first year. Can you confirm?

    I checked links from a few other sites and they were all the same.



  3. @Matt For the 100k Avios offer, the fee is not waived, though if you happen to have a Private Client account with JP Morgan you can get that waived (I did).

  4. @ Matt — Yep, what @ Robert is saying is correct. It’s not uncommon for an offer to give more points but not waive the fee, or fewer points with no fee, etc.

  5. @Tiffany @Robert — ahh, okay. So is there a current offer for just the “normal” 50K bonus w/ no annual fee? I think I’d be okay putting 10K total on the card in a year for the extra 25K, but another 10K on top of that I’d prefer putting on other cards. Am I overthinking this?

  6. Tiffany I cant even access the AARP discount through the BA website. It asks me to verify my membership but never clicks through. Tried in several browsers and I just tried signing up a family member and that came up with errors as well. Perhaps they are fixing something?

  7. Lucky. Many thanks. You did it again for us. As a note to others curious, BA is running a Avios partial payment promo where you actually get better than 2 cents per mile for your Avios. Using 30,000 Avios (transferrable from Chase or AMex) you can take $766 off bringing your total under $700 cash out of pocket!


  8. I bought business class on BA/AA Copenhagen to San Diego for about 1900usd back in July, for travel in January. So this “flash” sale has been running for quite a while i think?

  9. Just booked TPA-LGW-TPA for $1,365 in J next month. What a great way to earn 12k EQPs (and finish my EP re-qualification)! Thanks for the tip!

  10. Tiffany…
    I booked r/t trip for my wife and daughter(3yrs) from IAH-LHR-IAH and I was wondering what would happen if my daughter doesn’t show up for her trip to IAH-LHR as she will be travelling earlier with me( one way tickets are not giving these special prices) and if she only travels LHR-IAH.

    Is it feasible with no penatly or will whole ticket be cancelled as no-show.
    Fare rules on
    Any time for no-shows ticket will have no value either for travel or for refund.
    No-shows for a flight are considered a cancellation after departure and changes are not permitted.

  11. Thank you Tiffany! Just booked two Club World SEA-LHR-OSL return tix for 1900 each! Had been looking at flying Icelandair and their Saga was 2500 since they announced the Alaska partnership. This seems like a far superior alternative for a trip that I can credit towards MVPG.

  12. The best I could come up with on the website (business class) for the dates I wanted was $3600.00 per ticket and an overnight layover in either Chicago or London. No thanks!

  13. @Gib // GodSaveThePoints – How were you able to use Avios as partial payment? When I try to book, it shows “Sorry, you can’t use Avios as part payment for these flights.” next to the checkbox.

  14. Frustrating for UK-based readers that a randomly picked date in May 2016 gives a return trip cost of $1611 from JFK-LHR, but £2779 from LHR-JFK…

  15. @Luis, Where are you searching, I just re tried to make sure all is well and was easily able to pull it up on a simple RT from New York to London. about 383 off for 15,000 avios and 764 for 30,000 avios. Booked one this morning for 600 cash! Try logging in, or possibly try booking while logged out and then login when the prompt for Avios or Card Offer/Promo comes up.

  16. Thanks Tiffany! I just booked SFO-MAD for my wife and I for May for $1470/person. This will be our first transatlantic flight not in coach. I’m so excited!

  17. Just booked the Whole Family LAX-LHR For $1,600 without the AARP discount. Seems its back up to $2,000 now, must have been a mistake since they were advertising $2,000? Anyways, everything is confirmed and I excited! A380!

  18. Got 3(!) in J for a total of $920.67. Routing JFK – BCN – CLT, both flights nonstop (although outbound is on the ancient AA 767-300) Used AARP and 30,000 Avios per flight, which is great because I was going to attempt to use a Chase companion ticket on this route, and that would have cost more than double! WOW

  19. Can you credit Alaska on a BA flight? I know you can on an AA but do you lose the BA discount that way?

  20. @ JustSaying — You can, and the earnings rates are very good! The discount is applied when you purchase the tickets, and you earn the miles when you fly, so no worries there.

  21. Wow. Gotta say a big thanks to this site. Just got my AARP for $16 and able to save an additional $400. Business Class Chicago – Geneva $1600 with tax.

  22. New to all this. Where is the best place to credit the points for this? Lucky seems to be crediting AA. BA and Alaska is an option too? I don’t fly enough for status….

  23. Tiffany or Ben: So, I have an AARP membership and I’m EXP too. I tried to book this via the AARP site which opened a BA window. Before I got to the pay screen I was being charged $98 per way to select Club World seats. This doesn’t seem right. Is there an alternative way to book the flight (other than opening up Can you book from Thanks!

  24. @ Jason Perkins — That happened to me too. Just finish the reservation without selecting seats, but do add your AAdvantage number. You can go back into the booking later and select seats for free.

  25. Hi Johnny! I just wanted to thank you for the heads up last October to BA’s two day business class flash sale. We were able to price 2 tickets from San Francisco to Barcelona @ $1,435 each. Then we took advantage of the AARP $400 discount on BA business class tickets, so we booked our tickets for $1,035 each. We just returned from a terrific vacation – lie-flat business class seats in both directions – a code shared flight operated by American on the outbound flight (connecting in Philadelphia) and BA flights connecting in LHR on the return. FYI, we liked the AA seats better. Thanks again, especially from my 6’2″ husband!

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