AMAZING $1,000 New York To London Roundtrip Business Class Fares On La Compagnie

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A couple of weeks ago I wrote about how La Compagnie, the French all-business class startup airline, will soon be launching flights between London and Newark.


While they initially announced that the service would launch on March 29, 2015, they’ve now started selling tickets for travel starting April 24, 2015.


La Compagnie Newark to London tickets now for sale

La Compagnie’s London Luton to Newark flight will operate 5x weekly (every day except Thursdays and Saturdays) with the following schedule:

B07 Newark to London departing 10:20PM arriving 10:30AM (+1 day)
B06 London to Newark departing 5:45PM arriving 9:00PM

Apparently they eventually have plans to offer more daily service, though we’ll see if/when that happens.

Amazing business class fares between New York and London

La Compagnie has some amazing introductory fares in the market. They’re charging $1,007 roundtrip per person for business class, including all taxes and fees.


This promotion is valid for bookings made through April 24, 2015, and for travel between April 24 and June 30, 2015.


Availability is theoretically limited, though in practice I find that La Compagnie offers lots of tickets at their promotional fares.

Those fares are especially amazing when you factor in that the UK Air Passenger Duty alone is ~$210, and that’s included in the fare.

If you’re originating in the UK, they have an even more special promo fare. La Compagnie is charging £1,005 (~$1,500) roundtrip for two in business class, though it’s only available for the first 500 people that book. Their introductory fare out of the UK is otherwise £1,005.


La Compagnie product quality?

As I explained in my review of La Compagnie’s business class between Paris and Newark, I don’t think they have a great business class product. That being said, there’s no denying they represent a hell of a value, given that they’re basically charging economy fares for business class.


Expect an angled seat and decent catering, but not much more.


Bottom line

This is an insanely good value, and I’d definitely consider taking advantage of this. I think La Compagnie is especially compelling for infrequent leisure travelers that aren’t loyal to an airline (and therefore don’t care as much about loyalty programs). And really it should be compelling to anyone that flies in the market frequently and doesn’t require a flat bed.

The only caution I’d add is that La Compagnie has a track record of not launching flights on time, so I wouldn’t necessarily count on that April 24 launch date. As you can see, they already delayed the inaugural from late March to late April, and we’ll see if that ends up sticking.

I’m tempted to book the inaugural… anyone else wanna join me for a weekend in London? 😀


  1. Just to get you an overview of business class fares LON to NYC. We’re talking a minimum of ~$2000 on Icelandair through KEF or direct ~$4000 on United.

  2. It’s not really business, but rather a kind of premium economy product — still, it’s a good value, but let’s not call it “business class”!

  3. Do you think if I buy for the first week and the launch date gets pushed back they will allow me to re-book past June 30 2015 ?

  4. @Pavel If you’re flying La Compagnie, you’re more likely taking the tube rather than a taxi.

    But I agree with Michael about the flight times. Do they get a better rate from the airport for non-prime times?

    And no mention of whether you will get Krug, or just be stuck with 2013 Dom….

  5. well, there’s no tube to luton, only a not-so-frequent train that doesn’t even stop at the terminal and national express buses into london. haven’t done the slog but for me the airport to hotel transfer makes a big difference. for that reason (including getting to newark, which can be a pain in itself) this isn’t really that appealing to me.

  6. Booked for 4 over Memorial Day week. I don’t want my father crossing the Atlantic in coach… $1010 is a steal at prime travel times (May-June). Business or not – the seats are spacious and recline. Not concerned about the slow service – (i) on the way out, the flight departs at 10:20pm, so beyond a glass of champagne, I hope to be sleeping and (ii) on the way back, I don’t really care. I will be relying on my own iPad for entertainment tho. Direct flights out of New York are brutal this summer into London/Paris. United in coach is $1800 RT for same dates. I would expect that price to come down some, but it seems they have really cut capacity. Is the new normal for non-stop coach during peak times could be $1400 or so? Only fares sub $1000 require routing through Russia (thanks to the ruble’s collapse).

  7. I dont understand how those flight times are supposed to attract business travellers. They either leave too early or arrive too late.

  8. @Pavel – you said “taxi to and from luton will run you about 200 quid total so there’s that” You didn’t say where from! Not everyone flying from London originates from London, but you’re making me think you mean London.

    If you’re talking central London to Luton airport then you’re *way* off the mark. It would be £50 each way.

    As for the train – again you’re out of touch. There is a very frequent service from the purpose-built Luton Airport Parkway train station (a short coach transfer/cab ride away from the terminal). At a quick scan I counted 6 direct trains & 1 changing train per hour, which will take you into central London for £9.90 each way in 24 to 46 mins depending which you hop on.

    Or you could ride the half-hourly National Express coach for £7 each way, taking 1hr 20mins into central London.

    How do I know this? Personal experience & research, what real travellers do – not just spouting spurious figures to try to support your own bias.

  9. Flight times don’t seem too bad, even for biz travelers, as long as they are on time.

    Are they planning to turn the plane around in 80 minutes? Seems (very) aggressive.

    Why aren’t they offering daily service? How many aircraft will they have by the time of the inaugural flight?

  10. Lucky, I would join you… If my parents let me and if I didn’t have GCSE’s to worry about

  11. @ John — They should have two planes. As far as why they don’t have daily service… I’d speculate, except it makes about as much sense to me as the rest of their business model (though in theory Thursdays and Saturdays are the slowest days for transatlantic business travelers, so the dates the flight doesn’t operate makes sense at least).

  12. Ben, First off, Congratulations on 7 years. I love your blog and truly envy your job. I can’t believe I was able to snag a $1000.00 R/T for June. I knew they’d have a good promotional fare but I didn’t think it would be that good. I could use your help with something though. Their website was not the easiest to navigate. When I booked I didn’t pay much attention to seat assignments– booked 3C in both directions — figuring I could go back in and change it. Well, I can’t figure out how to get back to the seat chart and make a change. Do you know how? Also, is there a seat other than the one that I’ve got that you would suggest. Many thanks, Nancy

  13. @ Nancy — Thanks, and happy you were able to take advantage of it! Unfortunately their website sucks, so you have to call to change seats.

  14. Thanks Ben. At least I know it’s not me. You should have seen me trying to do the booking. I had 5 co workers cheering me on as I yelled and cursed at the computer.

  15. Great fare. Shocked at the total lack of pictures of the seats. You would think you’d want potential customers comfortable with exactly what they are getting, and not skimp on pictures on the website.

  16. I have booked an impromptu 10 day trip to the USA leaving on the 13th May. The fare is amazing and Luton is just 30 minutes away from our London home. I will post my comments after the trip and see if they picked up any of the suggestions from the post about the Paris flight.

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