All American Flights Grounded Due To Computer Issues

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American seems to be experiencing computer issues today, which have grounded flights nationwide. The cause of the ground stop is apparently “computer issues,” though that’s all we know as of now.


American’s website also isn’t working properly, whether you’re trying to book a flight, log into your AAdvantage account, etc.


When I first heard about this I had to quickly check my calendar and make sure it wasn’t October 17, which is the day American & US Airways are merging their reservations systems. That’s actually a month from today, so I’m guessing the problem is unrelated (though I wouldn’t be surprised to see a similar issue then).


Hopefully American fixes their computer issues shortly, so flights and their website can be back up and running! While this issue will likely be resolved soon, I’m sure the ground stop will cause delays throughout the day, and perhaps even into tomorrow. So be sure to check your flight status.

I’ll update this post when we find out more.

Have you been impacted by American’s computer issues today?

  1. I tried checking-in this morning for my flight from LAX – JFK – ZRH. Website worked initially then stopped when it asked for my passport details. Surprising since I’d already entered them when purchased my ticket. After that point, i couldn’t login anymore.

    Switched to the American app, which worked for check-in. Still having issues changing my seat.

  2. Lucky me, I was on flight to iah from dfw this am that got diverted back to dfw due to weather. So had nice joy ride on crj in 1st and then changed flights for another day as missed appointment and couldn’t make return flight back today

    Can I ask for flying credit? Lol

  3. Why don’t you do your own research about the news before making a post. Only flights from Dallas, Miami and Chicago were grounded

  4. @Sam
    Your disposition and sensibility are…sad. On the plus side, that gives you much opportunity for growth!

    Ben, my flights Ohio/New York/ DC have been unaffected so far.

  5. Have UA ever disclosed what exactly caused their groundings? It’s rather disturbing to see groundings due to unexplained glitches.

  6. Before publishing anything you should check your photos. Posting a FIDS from September, 5 is just so lame, like most of your posts….

  7. I think the booking is one thing, but no airline would ground aircrafts because of it.

    I think they have a system problem at maintenance. But it might affect other areas.

    If AA maintenance are unable to verify certain maintenance requirements, that could ground the entire fleet.

    Just a thought

  8. @Bongo – the picture is there for content, not to actually be reflective upon today’s events. Don’t be dense…that’s “lame.”

  9. I agree with Merman….. Bondo….lame. If you do not like Lucky’s post then there is a simple solution. Stop reading his blog. You have all the power to choose.

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