Free Flights For New Alaska Mileage Plan Members In California

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This is an extremely generous offer, though it comes with some major restrictions.

Starting today, California residents who enroll in Alaska Mileage Plan can receive a discount code valid for a flight to anywhere Alaska flies within California for just the cost of taxes and fees:

  • This is valid for the first 25,000 California residents who sign-up for the Mileage Plan program, or through March 3, 2021, whichever comes first
  • Those who successfully enroll through this link will receive a discount code valid for a flight to anywhere Alaska Airlines flies within California for just the cost of taxes and fees, which start at $15 one-way; this is valid one-way or roundtrip
  • Eligible members will receive an email on March 5, 2021, with instructions on how to book, as the flight will need to be booked by March 7, 2021
  • Travel will need to take place between March 29 and May 26, 2021, and only travel on Mondays through Thursdays qualifies
  • If you need to change your flight you’ll forfeit the discount code

Bottom line

Residents of California who enroll in Alaska Mileage Plan can receive a code for a free roundtrip ticket within California, and they’ll just be on the hook for taxes and fees.

This is an incredible offer, assuming you feel comfortable traveling in the coming months. The catch is that there’s a limited period where you can book your ticket, you can only travel Mondays through Thursdays, and you can’t change your ticket. In the coronavirus era those are some pretty major restrictions.

Beyond that, all of this assumes that you’re not an Alaska Mileage Plan member. I assume most OMAAT readers are members.

Are any California residents able to take advantage of this great deal?

  1. Are there cancellation fees? Fine print notes will lose discount if make changes to the ticket but no mention of cancellation fees. Many airlines still waive cancellation fees, but I don’t see such language on Alaska’s website.

  2. Alaska service within California has gone seriously downhill in recent years.

    I’m based out of SFO and don’t really go out of my way to fly alaska anymore. The inflight experience (especially in F) is atrocious with dated aircraft and bad food. No vegetarian options in CA in 2020 or even the ability to indicate dietary restrictions until very recently is laughable.

    I started flying Alaska as a former Virgin America elite. Even more disappointing that they took Virgin’s amazing modern cabins and gutted them into a crappy configuration. No idea why they even acquired VX but I avoid alaksa and despise the airline for killing one of the best domestic F experiences in America.

  3. I flew Alaska Airlines often between SJC and SNA. Unfortunately this route was cancelled. I have no use for this offer.

  4. Alaska pulled out of two California destinations while I lived in those communities. Eureka-Arcata and Mammoth Lakes where I live now. The closest AS city this would work would be in the LA area and that is where I would have wanted to fly to.

  5. This is odd. Airlines, including Alaska, are hemorrhaging money and they think giving away free flights is a good idea?

    I can’t imagine that very many people signing up under this offer will become long term customers. If someone isn’t a member by now, it’s more likely that they’ll just use the discount and then move back to their airline of choice(whether a loyal customer or just going with the cheapest).

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