Airport etiquette 101

On the plus side, I just scored a $400 bump. Sorry to those of you that I was supposed to see tonight.

Unfortunately I’m in the LAX Red Carpet Club, where there’s not a single empty seat. Sitting in the cubicle next to me is a lady that’s talking to her parents on Skype, without headphones in. So not only is she literally screaming at her computer, but we can hear everything her parents have to say.

She’s talking about such life changing issues as the airport restaurant refusing to substitute a turkey patty for the beef patty, which she claims is the “straw that broke the camel’s back.” And how she wants a banjo…

Do I say something? Do I sit here, literally staring at her, shaking my head? Unbelievable.

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  1. Just curious, did you choose to be bumped (and get $400) over seeing whoever you were supposed to see? Or did you try to get on the plane, but were you bumped involuntarily?

    Or – more general – Is it difficult to have a proper social life at home as a frequent flyer? You seem to be in the air every weekend, so don’t you miss a lot of birthday parties / pub nights / football games / whatever your friends do in the weekends??

  2. You should get behind the Skype Lady and hold up a sign that says “Your daughter is F*****G NUTS!!!” so her parents can see the sign but not your face. šŸ˜‰

  3. We had a guy just like in the LAX SkyClub today around 10 a.m.

    Even with my ears completely clogged from flying with a cold…I could still hear him ever so clearly when he was 50 feet away.

  4. How can you sherk your responsibilities over $400? I don’t get why you bailed on an event you helped create

  5. Dude. I wish I was at the events this weekend. I don’t for a second think the bump this time was cool. Friends first, always.

  6. There might come a time in your life where living a superficial existence through a blog is not quite as rewarding as having real friends, who don’t care about the number of frequent flier miles in your account. Knock, Knock… Who is it?… The real world…

  7. Yea, the bump was a bad idea if it was voluntary. BTW-I usually walk on over to the LAX CO President’s Club when the RCC is a madhouse. Only a 10 minute stroll and much nicer.

  8. @JetAway — I was thinking the same thing. The Presidents Club at LAX is much nicer than the RCC (for now).

  9. “sorry for those I was supposed to see tonight” and “ill be 20 minutes late” makes you sound like Gingrich vis a vis libya, lucky.

    Glad you are going to make it but your first statement certainly implied you were choosing $400 over your word.

    Glad I was wrong

  10. Wow. Listen to all the haters tonight. Give Lucky a little credit. You didn’t really think he would totally bail, do you?

    @The Ripper – seriously?! What exactly qualifies you to judge Lucky’s social life (or life at all for that matter)? Come on man… not cool.

  11. I’m with the ripper – his first statement clearly implied he was bailing on an event because he wanted a $400 voucher over his word. Now he has backtracked and that is great, but sometimes the word is naked

  12. I’m with the ripper – his first statement clearly implied he was bailing on an event because he wanted a $400 voucher over his word. Now he has backtracked and that is great, but sometimes the word is naked

  13. The bright side of the screaming girl is that it gives you something new to complain about. šŸ˜‰

  14. I agree that the first statement seemed like he was bailing. Not sure why he said sorry if he was just going to be 20 mins late. Hope it all worked out in the end.

    I do worry about you though Lucky. I want to see you interacting with people more on the ground! šŸ™‚ And I’m not a hater, just a concerned blog reader. šŸ˜‰

  15. On another note I’m impressed the wifi in the RCC can handle skype. Yesterday at IAD I could barely log into gmail. Roll eyes.

  16. A clear, direct post by the blog owner addressing the controversy around this bump would put this to rest. An incomplete or vaguely worded response, or no response at all, is the wrong way to handle this.

  17. I would have considered having a cell phone conversation right next to her to drown her out and maybe she will be the one who cannot hear and get annoyed. On problem is you would disrurb others.

    When I travel, I always carry earphones. I would have plugged into my laptop and listened to some music instead of her.

  18. Lucky, I think the woman broadcasting via Skype in the RCC is a classic example of an actual “new low”. From your description she sounds like a giant PITA . . .

  19. A few years ago, in the LAX RCC before the early afternoon bank of international flights, I was sitting there, dozing off in the super crowded and fairly noisy club, and in the middle of everything, there’s a guy there using his cell phone as a speakerphone, just for a normal conversation with somebody on the other end of the call. This was in the middle of a very noisy crowded club and the guy is talking super loud on his speakerphone. So, yeah, I walked up to him and asked him to take it off speaker. Well the guy did, but on his way out, he was ready to pick a fight with me. I just ignored him at that point, as did the rest of the people sitting around me.


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