Airplane etiquette question…

After a perfectly satisfying full body massage from the TSA this morning (including the most communicative agent I’ve ever had — “Sir, I’m now going to rub the back of my hand over your buttocks, are you sure you want me to continue? I’m now going to rub your crotch with the back of my hand. Shall I really continue?”), I had a great crew on my flight from Tampa to Chicago.

I couldn’t help but be a bit, I don’t know, weirded out by the guy sitting across from me. He was playing some shooting game with great intensity for about two hours. It’s not that I felt in danger or anything, but when someone gets kicked off a plane for saying “I hope this is my last flight” (after a very long travel day), I have to wonder.


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  1. I think the TSA grope massage got you all hot and bothered. I wouldn’t worry about the gamer, it’s not like he’d have a gun on the plane…

  2. When I fly its most of the time after a long day of work or early morning to get somewhere and start working. So I am pretty much in my own thoughts and barely notice who else is on the plane or what they do.
    I would not be bothered about somebody playing a shooting game or a flight simulator. Its a free society and people within legal limits can do what they like.
    I did have on a Southwest flight a group of 6 watching a porn movie on a portable DVD player with loud comments. I found this inappropriate since you have children around on planes and they were really very loud.
    If he quietly played his shotting game with headphones on and doesn’t bother anybody its not different then watching a movie on a laptop or getting some work done.
    But I am pretty oblivious to what people do around me.

    The groping is pretty funny. I know you fly a lot via FRA as well so you should be used to it :-). In Germany its pretty common and I didn’t even think twice about it before moving to the US.

  3. Yeah games or whatever wouldn’t bother me either, he’s got headphones on minding his own business. Now the post above about the porn movie is another issue all together, that’s just stupidity at it’s finest there. Why anyone would think it’s a good idea to watch that on a plane loudly is beyond me.

  4. I would say that’s perfectly OK with me.

    Hell, I was watching Air Crash Investigation on YouTube on my recent flight.

    As long as it’s not obscene and loud, it shouldn’t be a problem!

  5. The security screeners at GOT were much worse than what I had at FRA or anywhere in the US. At GOT the guy shoved his hand down my pants with no warning! Not sure if putting it inside the underwear too was a security routine or an accident. I do think the security at GOT is probably very effective though. He should have bought me dinner first though 🙂

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