Airplane Etiquette 101: Please Change In The Lavatories

I feel like there are some things I shouldn’t have to post PSAs about, but…

Lufthansa conveniently has two lavatories on the upper deck. That should be plenty for a cabin with four passengers in it. Please use them to change. That’s partly what they’re there for.

Yes, I’m looking at you, guy in the first row of first class on my flight last night. And his girlfriend as well, who did the same thing.


Have you ever seen anyone undress in the cabin?

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  1. Maybe he thought there was no better way to change on a plane…

    Or it’s Non-Stop Nude.

    (Ok, I’ll stop punning on Lufthansa advertising slogans…)

  2. Yes, a photo of the female would be helpful so as to objectively assess whether your disgust was warranted.

    Seriously, that’s pathetic behavior IMHO.

  3. I’ve never seen it, nor would I wish too.
    It just boggles my mind that a first class passenger would even contemplate such uncouth behavior.

    That being said, I would make one exception, perhaps Tom Daley.

  4. Did they changed just the top or also the bottom?
    I’d say I’m okay with it, what really irks me is when someone puts its bare feet on the wall or across the seat.
    And “where is the girlfriend picture”?

  5. This is where most folks just look away. That’s REALLY EASY in 1st class. It’s poor taste to take photo of this and post in a blog.

  6. New trend among bloggers to be the sky police? Yes, what the passenger did was in poor taste, but so is putting this person on blast on your blog in front of all your readers.

  7. I don’t get it! I was flying BKK-MUC last year in Thai F and large Russian guy did this. He stripped down to his boxers, hung up his clothes, organized a bit and THEN put his pajamas on.

  8. I believe it is more of a cultural thing; In some countries two men together is business as usual, in others is a life sentence.

    In Thailand being bare chested on the sidewalk of a beach is a no-no, while in other countries, even in discos, is OK.

    It is really difficult to set boundaries when different cultures clash.

  9. This has to be trending somehow.
    Yes, this is nuts. It is also being discussed on a group on Facebook.

    As I posted there, I had the pleasure (not) of witnessing a gentlemen seated near me in Asiana First Class (older 747 config) change into his PJs before take-off in Seoul, from his seat, boxers and all his jazz out for me to see, as we were still boarding and I was helping my husband get situated at his seat.


  10. Let me just add that his wife was dutifully holding his garments while he made the change, and he did it all while seated.

  11. Yes , 2 weeks ago on Lufthansa in First. Little old women dropped her skirt
    In row 1, and toddled over to her seat/ bed in her Spanks. Wild

  12. At least they didn’t wear their PJ’s in the terminal.. Those people are craaaaazy! 😉

  13. Ben, I am quite shocked by the utter and complete irresponsibility you have shown by posting the picture of the dude when it should have been the girl…..

    You are flagged 15 yards for sheer incompetence. 🙂

  14. How to change with the shoe on? I thought the airplane bathroom floor is disgusting?

  15. Good thing he looks like only his top is removed…

    Are you going to post a review?

  16. Yes – this is very European. I once enjoyed watching a group of giggling girls changing their clothes on the rental car shuttle at LAX. They took it all off. I guess I’m very European or a pervert.

  17. @ PB @ Bill — Generally agree, though for what it’s worth they were North American.

  18. You are right to shame them with a post………you are far too conservative in your photo editing………..

  19. Typical with Germans on BA F – I have had my UK friends complain often about this. The continental attitude is different from the Brits and US. I think it is the Queen Victoria effect lingering on here.

  20. Free show! At least that North American ( possibly more our American than Canadian) has nice back and strong arm 🙂

  21. Lucky, I too am disappointed in your lack of objective journalism. We need to see a pic of the girlfriend changing to accurately assess whether or not she should have used a lavatory to change.

  22. @ ABC – Are you Amy’s Baking Company? You seem like them both in name and in comment. 😉

  23. Maybe two of the passengers are in the Lavs. Obviously your not. That leaves the odd guy or his girlfriend stuck outside when the fashion police came by and made them change in the isle out of their matching sponge bob jammie bottoms, crocks and Ed Hardie T-shirts 🙂

    Seriously this is really bad. I always warn my teenage kids when they fly first or even business to act like they belong and not be the lowest rung on the ladder.

  24. Maybe they thought what happens in First Class, stays in First Class. 🙂

    As much as it shows bad manners, I’m quite surprised you posted the photo. Posting the anecdote I understand.

  25. While it’s fun to discuss passenger behavior, can we all agree that generally lavatories, even in first, are freaking tiny? You have to imitate Harry Houdini when trying to change.

  26. was on swiss F last year on a red-eye. They gave us PJs. My wife changed in the lav, but I’m way too big for that. I couldn’t swing my arms around enough to get the pullover top on. Wound up sleeping in my clothes, then changing shirts in the club lav on the layover in Zurich.

  27. I’ll admit to changing into PJ bottoms at my CX J seat in a dark, mostly empty cabin. Doubt anyone saw, and if they did, boxer briefs are nothing to get excited about.

  28. I agree about it being cultural. In general, Europeans don’t view nudity or undress as something shameful, even in situations where Americans would find it inappropriate. I was in Paris once at a friend’s apt., and there were tennis courts right outside the window. Well two guys came to the court to play, promptly took their street clothes off leaving only their underwear, and changed into their tennis clothes.

    Another time I was at Fulong Beach in Taiwan, and a German family were camped out next to us. When they were finished swimming and about to leave, the father wrapped a towel around himself, took his bikini off and put his underwear on. Once underwear were on, he removed the towel and stood there in just his underwear and finished getting dressed.

    Both very public places, and both not giving a second thought to being undressed in the plain view of others.

  29. Had exactly the same occurrence on an NZ flight out of RAR last night! Mr 1B decides to strip off his shirt prior to takeoff. Oddly (and thankfully) though, he then decides to change his pants in the restroom!

  30. A perfect example of the statement Money does not buy class. You can take the man out of the gutter but you cannot take the gutter out of the man.

  31. I’m ok with that, especially if it’s just the shirt or it’s at night. The bathrooms are too cramps and NO ONE wants to touch anything in there, let along go barefoot.

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