Airline Passenger’s Ear Bitten Off Mid-Flight

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We hear all the time of people doing crazy things on planes, though this one might just win the prize for the eeriest onboard incident ever.

A man had “half his ear bitten off” on a Jet2 flight between Newcastle and Ibiza. While exact details of what caused the incident are limited, there are some reports from those who were on the flight.


Via the Mirror:

The flight to the party island was carrying a mix of young clubbers and families when the man came running down the cabin covered in blood with his ear “hanging off.”

One passenger said the attack appeared to have taken place as the plane came in to land.

The source said: “It was absolutely sickening and I find it unbelievable that anyone would do that at all to another human being.

“But to bite someone’s ear off on a plane packed with other people at such close quarters and with families sitting around him is absolutely appalling, people were getting off the plane complaining of feeling physically sick.”

He said: “The victim was a man aged somewhere between 18 and 25. He was with a group of friends who were sitting in front of us but he was sitting towards the back of the flight.

“He kept coming to chat to his mates and then returning to his seat as the flight went on.

“When the plane was taxiing to Ibiza Airport the guy came running down the plane towards his friends.

“He took his T-shirt off and we could see he was covered in blood and that half his ear was just hanging off.

Insane! Apparently passengers stayed onboard after landing as the half-eared passenger was removed and rushed to a hospital to receive medical attention. No onboard arrests seem to have been made, which seems odd. You’d think there would be some immediate arrests and even onboard restraints if someone “bites someone’s ear off” on a flight.

I guess we’ll mark this as “developing” for now…

  1. Jet2 is a budget carrier, yes? Will he be charged an ear removal fee? Or is this extra service provided without an upcharge?

  2. @ Lucky:
    I bet there is as much substance to this story as to all those recent tabloid reports of Lucky flying around the world completely for free.
    Btw, that’s why I kept asking about the interview in Süddeutsche Zeitung as I’m really wondering how much more effort apparently distinguished media put into their research.

  3. I am sure we will hear more about this story. I don’t think that the pax liked his tone that he took.

  4. rather than linking random pointless news all the time, why don’t you post something that is unique/inspirational/exclusive which are the result of your effort … ie. your own trip reports which are long overdue which are paid by the commissions that you get from your readers which are now so pissed since practically no new substantial materials coming from you ever since you reach stardom status

    we all feel happy for you for the exposure you had in magazines and tv but clearly on the other department, its going down hill

  5. This is what happens when you make travel affordable to the great unwashed masses. Ever fly Chinese domestic? Poor people should stick to the bus.

  6. Although I am highly skeptical of this story, the fact that it supposedly occurred on a Newcastle-Ibiza flight at least gives it a sheen of truthiness.

  7. Ashamed to say I’m from Newcastle… Jet2 is easily the worst airline in the UK, Awful service, the planes are 30+ years old, and so far I’ve been on two flights that have had to divert due to malfunctioning planes.. Scary stuff…

  8. Why am I not surprised this is the sort of story the Daily Mirror would publish?! That being said this has got to be the weirdest news story I’ve read in a long time.

  9. @kevin: i’m shocked how you can bash an ethnic group that has nothing to do with this incident, as it involves an intra-European flight, so call it like it is if you had the guts: European trash!

  10. @Jeffrey – it’s a bit presumptuous to assume the race of the passengers involved based solely on the origin and destination of a flight. It’s also quite sad that you feel that race is such an important factor when observing the behaviour of an individual.

  11. For those doubters, there will be a reasonable thread of truth here.

    As Adamp (a local) calls out, it is a budget airline. That destination attracts party people, especially in summer. Some of those people create their own rules for travel – or not, as is the case.

    Like Adamp notes, I use that airport frequently too – I see sights there I see in few other Western airports.

  12. Perhaps it was someone making physical commentary about onboard catering lol (Hmm, that ear looks better than this slop…)

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