Airberlin Is Leaving Oneworld On October 28, 2017

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This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, but is probably worth specifically pointing out nonetheless. We know that airberlin will be ceasing all operations by October 28, 2017 (they’ve already discontinued their longhaul routes), at which point Lufthansa will be taking over many of their routes and planes under their low cost Eurowings subsidiary.

Throughout all of this, airberlin has continued to belong to the oneworld alliance. However, as you’d expect, airberlin’s last day as a oneworld member airline will be October 27, 2017. Per an announcement on oneworld’s website:

airberlin will cease participating in the oneworld® alliance with effect from the close of business on 27 October 2017, following the filing by Air Berlin PLC & Co. Luftverkehrs KG’s (“airberlin”) for the opening of insolvency proceedings over its assets.

airberlin’s affiliate NIKI – which joined oneworld alongside airberlin in March 2012 – will no longer fly as part of oneworld at the same time.

The reason I think this is worth pointing out is because I know lots of people have oneworld Sapphire and Emerald status through airberlin (they offered status matches in the past, and many found topbonus to be a compelling program for crediting miles), and used that to get oneworld benefits, including access to American Flagship Lounges when traveling domestically.

American Flagship Lounge Chicago O’Hare Airport

So if you’re someone who has been enjoying oneworld privileges through airberlin topbonus, October 27 is the last day where you’ll get those perks. The good news is that several other oneworld airlines are willing to match airberlin status, including British Airways, Finnair, Iberia, and Royal Jordanian. However, they all have different requirement for matching status, so you’ll have to check the terms of each offer.

In many ways this announcement on oneworld’s part is good news, since it means that airberlin won’t be kicked out of the alliance before the 27th, and that members will continue to enjoy oneworld perks for the remaining week and change.

(Tip of the hat to Wandering Aramean)

  1. Fantastic. Farewell Airberlin moochers.

    Perhaps the AA lounges will be less crowded for people who actually earn status by flying, not by matching.

  2. @James it seems like it might be worth reading the paragraphs which literally begin with “The reason I think this is worth pointing out”, but that’s apparently too much work for you.

  3. You are missing the Lufthansa offer for matching silver to freq. Flier and gold/platinum to senator…

  4. @bill
    And you wouldn’t think people who have airberlin status know this? You mean they were savvy enough to have airberlin status while living in the US for the purpose of using AA lounges (matched into it) but are not aware enough to realize airberlin is shutting down?
    I guess this is meant for people like you, who don’t quite have enough intelligence to put two and two together.

  5. My husband flew airberlin from ARN to TXL on 17 October and was denied access to the Menzies Executive Lounge in terminal 5, even though he’s a One World Emerald tier (through BA). Airberlin passengers can no longer access this lounge.

  6. @james Believe it or not, people might have Airberlin status and not constantly be aware of a) when specifically Airberlin is shutting down and b) what their next move might be, given that they were probably instructed to conduct a status match by a blog like this one. That also doesn’t explain why you asked a question that was quite literally answered in the piece, but certainly, continue to be rude on the internet.

  7. @bill
    I did not know you could actually read. Or did you not know other people can read? So these people with airberlin status cannot read?
    So you are saying these sheeple only knew about the status match through this blog and now need further instruction on what do do? Do you happen to be one of them?
    Maybe you can read up on airberlin, as apparently they had these filings and, oh, I do not know, everybody knows they are done?
    “but that’s apparently too much work for you”

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