Video: Air Force 2 Suffers Bird Strike On Takeoff

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Last night a US Air Force aircraft had a bird strike on takeoff. Specifically, this was Air Force 2, carrying Vice President Mike Pence. The plane involved in the incident was a Boeing 757-200, referred to in this configuration as the Boeing C-32.

The plane took off from Manchester-Boston Regional Airport in New Hampshire, and just seconds after takeoff the right engine experienced a bird strike.

Here’s a video, where you can see the moment the bird strike happened, about six seconds in:

VASAviation has a video with the ATC audio — it took the pilots a while to report this to ATC, which is understandable (pilots are told to aviate, navigate, and then communicate), and also reflects that this was fairly minor. It’s not possible to track Air Force 2, so all we can go off of is the ATC audio. You can listen to it here:


As you can probably tell, this is a fairly minor incident, so it’s nothing like the US Airways aircraft that ditched in the Hudson many years ago. The pilots of Air Force 2 didn’t declare an emergency but did request to return to the airport, so the plane made a precautionary landing in Manchester without issue.

Upon landing the VP took a look at the engine himself…

It’s my understanding that the aircraft is still in Manchester as of now, so it sounds like there may have been some minor damage.

Worry not, though — VP Pence was able to make it back to DC the same night, though on a significantly less comfortable plane. He instead flew home on a military cargo aircraft, a Boeing C-17, which is typically used to transport vehicles during travel.

Like I said, bird strikes aren’t really newsworthy in and of themselves. However, it’s not every day this happens to the VP of the US, and that the alternative transportation is a C-17.

(Featured image courtesy of Sam Meyer)

  1. No mask – what a shocker. With any luck, he’ll get Covid. He’s so disgusting, the world would be far better off without him.

  2. and idiots like Ben L and Josh are the reason why sites like The Points Guy no longer allow comments on their posts/articles!

  3. It seems that we have a Trump support here… Why are you covering this? It happens all the time and isn’t related with luxury travel and points… Worried about the VP?

  4. @Hillary2016 – not an idiot, thanks. Just making an observation about how hostile the administration is to facts & science, which is endangering lives. We’d all be better off without him (and the rest of this administration). It’s really just a simple observation.

  5. I clicked on the article only to see how nasty and/or ridiculous the comments would be and Ben L. and, especially Josh, did not let me down. Ah, the loving, tolerant left.

  6. Why return to ground? Planes are not flying because of science, it’s because the Lord wills it. A bird can’t strike down planes if the Lord doesn’t let it. /s

  7. @Josh
    Empty headed liberals like you keep parroting this “facts and science” argument, without of course ever actually offering any facts or science…only lies, insults, threats, unsupported opinions and emotional pleas. Please share these facts and this science that you think the left champions and the right ignores.

  8. The comments are disgusting. A perfect example of what’s wrong with America. Unintelligent robots like Rafael and Josh attacking for literally no reason because they have no ability to think for themselves.

  9. This an aviation and travel website, Please please leave your politics someplace else.
    It was a bird strike, the pilots were pros.

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  12. Karma. And agree entirely with @josh What can you say about a country where the president recently went on yet another racist tirade against refugees , and where there are people who believe the earth is around 5000 years old and flat

    Also reading many comments it’s clear readers assume everyone here is a American.

    By posting an article about this incident what did you expect ??

  13. @Josh

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  14. @Icarus
    The people like me who believe that the world is 5781 years and 11 days old don’t think that the world is flat, as we knew that the world is a round from over 2000 years ago at least, as it’s says in Talmud more then one time.
    Know your facts.

  15. Looking at the comments one wonders if OMAAT ends up turning off the comment section just like TPG did. Shameful.

  16. @Amos – I’ve been reading this blog for over a decade (right here from the good ‘ol US and A, even in its diminished state), and I’ll still be here Nov 4 when the responsible adults take back control, and the hoaxers, trolls, and racists like yourself who have spread like wildfire here, at VFTW, and LALF will hopefully go back underground where they belong.

  17. Was it a bird or a drone? How would you tell the difference from the video? How do we know when Pence is lying? His lips are moving.

  18. @shmiel it’s a book. If you were born in Asia the Talmud wouldn’t be a reference point You can’t have one group claiming it’s 5000, another claiming 10, another 50… this is wear science overrides all those fairy stories Pando in Utah are around 80,000 years old. There are zircon crystals in Australia over 4 billion years of old. Humans have been around 200,000 years.

    Anyhow this is a travel blog

  19. @Icarus I know this discussion doesn’t belong here but I just want to answer your question.

    1st there is absolutely no evidence of Humans from more than 5781 years ago. No history books, no Human created thing like building, canals, etc.

    2nd When God created the world he didn’t create a new world with every tree looking like a new one, he created a world with the trees growing fruit on it, and the caves with crystals being a few billion years old, we as Humans that don’t live forever don’t understand such a thing, in fact when you think of something being billions or trillions of years, but it’s not, forever means FOREVER.

    So when he created his world he created a world that was old already, and he said you should stay here for the next 6000 years, and when this 6000 years will finish then the world will not be destroyed, it will just be over, as it was before the creation.

  20. How about we keep politics out of any discussion on this site, unless it directly relates to what a government is doing about the particular issue at hand.

  21. Ummm…TPG did not disable comments because they were getting too political.

    Check the timing. Comments were disabled due to unfavorable media coverage.

  22. @Shmiel

    When God created the world 6000 years ago, in addition to the billions of years old crystals. did he also create the cave paintings at Lascaux in France – estimated 17000 years old? I ask as you say there is no evidence of humans older than 6000 years.

  23. @Seagull

    I never heard of any PAINTINGS in caves in France and I don’t believe that it is true.

    But the thing that I know is that there is caves that they say that there is evidence that it is billions of years old, and that is what I say that you can find things of trillions of years old but it’s not because when God created his world he created a finished world.

    And I’ll tell you that you would never find Human made things even older then around 3500 years old because of the Mabel that happened in the times of Noah.

    Let me ask you how come you find paintings but no buildings, or bridges, or canals. You can find Human built remains in Iran, Iraq, Israel, Egypt and other places where there was life 3000 years ago. I personally saw remains of more than 1 synagogue from 2000 years ago in Israel. So why can’t you find buildings dating back 10000 years ago. The answer is THERE WAS NO WORLD THEN.

    Anyway this is a travel blog.

  24. @Dick Gazinya

    It’s sometimes blue and could be dark blue or black and sometimes you can only see white or grey.

    What do you mean to ask????? I’m in the same world as you…

    You should just use your head and you will see that everything that I said before is right. (If you don’t see it, it means you have a potato on your shoulder).

    If you really want more you can it’s not hard to find you only need to search for it and the place to search is not on a travel blog…

    Search for the truth and you will find it just like Avraham Avinu searched and found it.

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