Excellent Air China Black Friday Business Class Deals From Europe to Asia and Australia

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Each year, Air China offers special flight deals for Black Friday, which is the special shopping period following Thanksgiving.

This year they have excellent business class deals departing from Germany, to both Asia and Australia.

They are available from Frankfurt, Munich, or Dusseldorf, return, per person in business class to the following destinations:

  • Taipei – €1,118 ($1,273)
  • Hong Kong – €1,133 ($1,290)
  • Tokyo – €1,184 ($1,348)
  • Bangkok – €1,185 ($1,350)
  • Seoul – €1,186 ($1,351)
  • Singapore – €1,194 ($1,360)
  • Beijing – €1,337 ($1,523)
  • Chengdu – €1,356 ($1,544)
  • Shanghai – €1,356 ($1,544)
  • Sydney – €1,506 ($1,716)
  • Melbourne – €1,506 ($1,716)
  • Auckland – €1,506 ($1,716)

Flights will route via either Shanghai or Beijing (there’s the odd Chengdu connection available too).

If possible, try and book from Frankfurt via Shanghai as this is operated by their Airbus A350 from December, which features 1-2-1 reverse herringbone seating, rather than the 2-2-2 seating you will find on their A330 and Boeing 777 flights they operate on other German routes.

This offer can booked between 22 November and 27 November on Air China’s website, and is available for the following dates:

  • 11 December 2018 – 3 January 2019
  • 29 January – 8 February 2019
  • 2 April – 21 April, 2019
  • 28 May – 24 June,2019
  • 28 June – 23 August 2019

Bottom line

Remember that if you are flying from Europe to a country outside China on Air China you are eligible for the free transit visa, which is a great chance to explore a new city. You all know how much I love a good stopover and to have a stopover that is not limited to <24 hours is excellent.

I highly recommend Shanghai as a great city to visit.

Now I realise Air China is no Qatar Airways QSuites, but for the Australia and New Zealand prices especially, this is amazing value for a fully flat seat.

Are you taking advantage of Air Chinas Black Friday business class deals?

(Tip of the hat to Head For Points)

  1. On these route, I suggest travellers Cathay First if they can afford it. The layover in HKG is a pleasant experience with the 2 CX first lounges. Air China service is inconsistent. Despite what losers/haters (Stanley, Julia …etc) may say, I sometimes fly in Biz when the First class is full. Tried this airline 3 times: not convinced.

  2. Endre, completley agree with you. Cathay First is also way better than ME3 and don’t even get me started on Lufthansa First 5* Skytrax…

  3. @Endre oh, Endre flying first? You mean flying first in class for the cargo section for perishable items? Must be having a bad year if you can’t even afford basic economy.

  4. Anyone find it odd that Air China offers Black Friday sales for destinations that have nothing to do with the US yet Black Friday and/or Thanksgiving is strictly a US thing/holiday? Europeans, Asians, Aussies don’t celebrate Thanksgiving when the US does.

  5. @Endre I’m not sure how suggesting a completely different, vastly more expensive class of service with a completely different airline on a post specifically related to a semi-affordable (but still pricey, by most people’s standard) fare is useful.

    Once again, you’ve come here to (not so) humble brag and brought little value.

    “Yes, I know there are great deals on these oranges today but have you tried caviar? I find its a better snack.”

  6. For Australia it’s worth looking at departing from OSL or ARN where business fares are routinely in this range but on reputable airlines like Qatar and Singapore

  7. Somehow I doubt people paying 1.2k-1.5k r/t business on Air China will be cross shopping CX in First at regular price.

  8. Flying via Chengdu is a major hassle. We did FRA-CTU-SIN on Air China in Jan18 and discovered that there is NO international transit available in Chengdu. You must clear immigration, collect your baggage, check-in again for the next sector, go back through immigration etc. Not recommended!

  9. Extremely limited availability at these prices though – for SYD I can only find late May – early June dates that are being sold at 1506 EUR. And the article made it seem like tickets are sold at the advertised price at all the dates listed above……very poor writing.

  10. James, good article thanks. for your Australian readers, your thoughts on best way to fly points from au to uk would be appreciated, more than happy to get creative buying points or going on an alternate route.

  11. It took some searching, but I nabbed FRA>MEL via PVG (which I’m hoping is better to transit at than PEK) on the A350 for $1650USD in April. I’m not super excited about the service, but I am excited to not be using the planned boatload of points to go visit friends. Sadly this means my ZRH>AKL flight with SIN>AKL on Singapore A380 First will have to be cancelled! :/

  12. @ECh:
    PEK actually does have a defined transit process, whereas PVG doesn’t. Luckily, on my last intinerary with them, alI transit pax were picked up on exiting the plane (took a while) and escorted in a long march past quarantine, transfer desk processing and via a backflow-path past immigration to departure security, after which you arrive in the departure area. It worked quite well, even though it felt like a tour-group and was done in about an hour.

    Since it’s China, this might change any time, any day and even get put into order (or more chaos), who knows. Also, just my mileage from last summer.

  13. $1,290! I can’t image paying that for Business. I’ve paid that for long haul regular economy. I wish they had flights that price departing from the US.

  14. Saw an under $ 1600 return fare from Paris to Auckland: with AF to Taipei and onward with China Air to AKL with the option of stopping in Brisbane on the outward and/or return journey (for travel in November)

  15. @Jay Good to know. I know PEK has a transfer process because I’ve had the unfortunate experience of participating in it. Never has an airport been more miserable. Over 2 hours of standing in a 50m line that snaked chaotically under and around an escalator…all caused because they only allotted one security scanner for all transiting passengers in the terminal. Totally awful, and so easy to improve. I point blank refuse to transfer through PEK now.

  16. Luis -Black Friday deals are now worldwide . There were store sales here in The Republic of Cyprus ( in the EU near Egypt ) and most people here do not know what Thanksgiving is .
    The sales have become a chance to sell product and services .

  17. Thanks James. I bought a business class RT ticket for my mother for 1300 Euro. Now she can visit me in Shanghai.
    The above mentioned dates were not fixed. By searching you can find more dates with the same price.

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