Great Deal: Aeroplan Offering 50% Off Some Award Flights

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Air Canada Aeroplan is back with yet another awesome promotion.

Get 50% of miles back on some awards

We’ve just seen the launch of what Air Canada Aeroplan calls the program’s “best redemption offer ever.” I’m not sure that will be the case for everyone, but it’s a pretty noteworthy promotion nonetheless.

With this new promotion, Aeroplan members who book a flight reward will get 50% of miles back:

  • Tickets need to be booked between June 17 and July 1, 2020, to be eligible
  • This promotion is valid for travel between July 1 and October 15, 2020
  • Members can receive 50% of miles back when redeeming for routes within Canada, and for routes between Canada and the US
  • Only travel on Air Canada is eligible for this promotion
  • 50% of Aeroplan miles will be credited back to your account within three weeks of your eligible flight
  • This is valid for one-way or roundtrip fixed mileage and market fare flight rewards; not applicable to Star Alliance Upgrade Awards, AC Bid Upgrades, or when members use miles to pay for taxes, fees, and surcharges associated with rewards

Aeroplan ordinarily charges the following number of miles for one-way fixed mileage awards within Canada, and between Canada and the United States:

  • Short haul economy — 7,500 miles
  • Long haul economy — 12,500 miles
  • Short haul business — 15,000 miles
  • Long haul business — 25,000 miles

To give a sense of pricing, a one-way business class award from Montreal to Toronto costs 15,000 miles, so you could expect to get 7,500 miles back, meaning you’d pay only 7,500 miles in the end.

Meanwhile a one-way business class award from Toronto to Vancouver costs 25,000 miles, so you could expect to get 12,500 miles back, meaning you’d pay only 12,500 miles in the end.

The only real catch here is that Aeroplan does have carrier imposed surcharges when traveling on Air Canada metal, so the fees are higher than you might find on a domestic award flight within the US, for example.

I should also mention that you can always speculatively take advantage of this offer. Aeroplan has a flexible policy for rewards through August 31, 2020. Members can cancel free of charge and receive all of their Aeroplan miles back in their account, plus a full refund of any associated taxes, fees and surcharges, on the unused value of tickets.

Pay just 12,500 miles for business class on a transcon flight

Air Canada Aeroplan has impressed me lately

I’ve been so impressed by the Air Canada Aeroplan program during the pandemic, thanks to all the ways that the program has engaged members.

Among these initiatives:

Aeroplan shares some interesting data as to just how popular these promotions have been:

  • Over 5.5 billion Aeroplan miles have been earned, purchased, or converted
  • Over 5,000 members have obtained Altitude Prestige 25K status, or have upgraded their status without flying
  • Over 27 million Altitude Qualifying Miles (AQMs) have been earned without leaving the ground

Bottom line

Aeroplan has a great new promotion for flight redemptions, where members can receive back 50% of the miles they redeem for Air Canada flight awards within Canada, or between Canada and the US.

This is a great deal, though understandably won’t be of use to everyone. Still, when you consider that a vast majority of people redeem miles for short haul travel, I imagine this will come in handy for many.

Do you plan on taking advantage of Aeroplan’s 50% off award flight promo?

  1. @Peter refunds are processed immediately. I’ve cancelled over a dozen flights in the past 2 months. Points to right back in and taxes are refunded on credit card within a few busidness ays.

  2. It’s a great idea but with so much uncertainty it’s hard to plan especially say in July. There are flights to BC and AB now however that are asking for people not to come…sigh

  3. If you qualified for AC elite status from the Travel at Home promotion, then you wouldn’t have to pay the fuel surcharge.

  4. Awesome timing! I qualified for the Travel at Home Promotion and was able to book flights from Edmonton to Vancouver for 15,000 points- 50% promotion for (7500 points) and just over $100 in taxes and 2 free bags with my new 25K status. Amazing deal!

  5. It doesn’t appear that the Canadian border will open to Americans anytime soon. Not particularly interested in traveling right now anyway, especially given this.

  6. In a moment of ‘travel withdrawal’ I found an Etihad A380 FIRST flight LHR AUH in January so was able to stitch together a OW from YLW to MLE with, of course, the help of an Aeroplan agent. THREE airlines, 7 legs, 210,000 points and $300 tax and agent fees.

    The itinerary was actually a bit insane:. YLW- YYC-YUL overnight YUL-YYZ-ZRH-LHR overnight LHR-AUH overnight AUH-MLE.

    A quick check of the stopover rules for LHR and AUH currently in effect and cancellation within 24 hours with no penalty was obvious. Even without Covid-19 the Y/J/F (only 6 hours in F) itinerary was 4 days enroute .

    Unfortunately Aeroplan refused to refund the 2 X $30 booking fee even though Aeroplan Black and 25K.

    Think I learned a lesson – time to forget about travel for the sake of travel.

  7. Was supposed to leave yesterday for 6 weeks of hiking in europe. Now will do 2 weeks in whistler in July, and two weeks in Alberta in September. Loving the deals, and looking forward to massively lower tourist levels from around the world. #partyinyourbackyard For good measure may do an early October to yvr, if the border is open have always wanted to get down to Olympic np.

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