Amazing Deal: $1,100 Roundtrip Aeromexico Business Class Tickets From New York To Santiago

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At the moment Aeromexico has some incredible business class fares between New York and Santiago, starting at ~$1,100 roundtrip. Availability is excellent through the end of the schedule, and the flights are bookable directly through Aeromexico, or through your online travel agency of choice.

Historically Aeromexico wasn’t that great, though if you want you can actually get all the segments of the trip on a 787. The 787-8 features fully flat forward facing business class seats, while the 787-9 features reverse herringbone seats. When I flew Aeromexico I thought their soft product was reasonably good as well, so I’d take advantage of this in a heartbeat.

Aeromexico-787-Business-Class - 1
Aeromexico’s 787-8 business class

Note that when you connect in Mexico City you’ll need to clear immigration, so ideally I’d leave a layover of at least three hours, as immigration wait times can be brutal.

I’m really tempted to book one of these. I just got back from Easter Island and had an awesome time, and really now want to visit Patagonia and the Atacama Desert. Flying all the way to Chile for ~$1,100 roundtrip is unbeatable.

This is also extremely lucrative if you’re crediting these flights to Delta SkyMiles. You’d earn 200% elite qualifying and redeemable miles, and elite qualifying dollars for 40% of the distance flown, meaning you’d earn nearly 5,000 MQDs. Wow.

If you’re interested I’d recommend booking ASAP, as I doubt this fare will last. You can always cancel within 24 hours if you want.

Anyone plan to take advantage of these amazing fares?

(Tip of the hat to Andrew & The Flight Deal)

  1. @ qss — You’re absolutely right, I’d plan a long connection if possible. I just posted the first itinerary I saw because I wanted as many people as possible to be able to take advantage of the deal. I’ll update the post to recommend a longer connection.

  2. Just booked thru Priceline successfully. Wasn’t showing on the AM site. Confirmation email came through as well

  3. Please note there’ve been changes at MEX customs recently: Flying from the US is pretty straightforward as you only have to make the immigration line pick up your luggage and, if you don’t have anything to declare, just walk right by customs and to your connecting flight.

    Connecting at MEX while flying back from South America to the US is very time consuming as all luggage is scanned for drugs and just getting your luggage can take more than an hour plus customs. I would strongly suggest a carry on if possible.

    The Aeromexico lounges are usually crowded and not very good. There are others for Citi, Amex and HSBC card holders.

  4. I’m still seeing it listed on google flights and if you follow through the “check prices” button next to “Book with Aeromexico” the Aeromexico sight lets you proceed and the price IS $1,091.

    I thought the MEX that I’d found recently was a pretty good deal, but $1,091 with 3 of 4 legs in lie-flat business class; that’s awesome!

  5. Normally I don’t buy plane tickets on impulse, but this was too good to pass up. My office is forcing me on Delta to Southeast Asia several times this year (albeit on coach), so this is actually the perfect solution to help me meet the Diamond Medallion qualifying dollars amount.

    So I’m off to Chile this April! May have been an error fare, but I was able to book the ticket on their website. Thanks for passing this on!!!

  6. THAT MQD PERCENTAGE ON THE PARTNER PAGES IS OF THE DISTANCE FLOWN!?!?!?!??! I thought it was XX% of what you paid pre-tax…….. lol whoops ^_^

  7. @lucky Latam now flies to Puerto Natales which is closest airport to Patagonia. But only twice a week so you want to time it right. It’ll be hour and a half drive. If you go to Porto Arenas, which they fly to daily, it’s a five hour drive. Awasi Patagonia is the place you want to stay if you are not a hiker aficinado and requires luxury accommodation and great service and yummy food. If you just want to hike, hike, and some more hiking, then Explora Patagonia is the way to go. Remember it can be insanely windy down there. Have fun taking off at Puerto Natales and landing at Porto Arenas….. 😉

  8. Just booked it on the Aeromexico website. 3 tickets for me and my family and 2 for my friends planning to visit in August. This in incredible. Thanks for sharing this..

  9. Can confirm it’s still valid, and tons of dates. Just booked for April. Just book directly through aeromexico

  10. I just booked this on AeroMexico’s website. Two questions/concerns:

    1) What are the chances that this is a mistake fare that will not be honored? (I got burned on the recent Virgin Australia/Delta mistake fare)

    2) I have a 1hr55 connection at MEX on the return (exact flights as shown at the top of this post). As a SkyTeam Elite Plus member how concerned should I be about misconnecting? Being put in business class on another flight to JFK later that day?

  11. RJ, all flights from South America (including Chile) are checked thoroughly for drugs. If you check your luggage it may take an hour or more to get to the carrousel.

    If you don’t check it, 1:55 is plenty. Also, IF the flight leaves on time, it probably will arrive to the gate a little bit ahead of schedule.

    I’ve missed a connection after the flight from Chile bacause of customs delay and have had my new boarding pass ready for me at the customer service desk (I’m also Sky Team Elite Plus), but I wouldn’t risk it.

  12. Is anybody else’s Google Flights loading extremely slowly? It has been happening to me for a while. No other site is slow. Have cleared all cookies, cache, etc.

    Taking 30+ seconds to load a single flight.

  13. Deals all gone on Aero Mexico when I just checked in USD from JFK on your same dates and others and unfortunately Amman time was past midnight when I got e-mail.

  14. Question. What is the time lag between when this Blog posts in the AM and the e-newsletter goes out? I get my One Mile At A Time daily e-newsletter at roughly 2.40 PM PST every day which is 5.40 PM East Coast time. I notice postings on here starting at 9.57 AM EST which 6.57 AM PST. Why such a time lag for the West Coast?

  15. I booked it. I’ve been wanting a deal to South America and coming up short. Aeromexico website from MCO. I have to reposition from the West, but I hate NYC so MCO for me. $1003 p/person. I got worried about the connection time from the commenters, but it looks like I have enough time. H/t The Flight Deal for me.

  16. Not lie flat, but I was able to grab LAX to LIM for $650 in business on Aeromexico with wide open availability until end of schedule. Looks like I’ll be trekking Machu Picchu in October!

  17. Had such a fail with this one. Found flights that worked for me and the wife in March, had it up to book, got a call (was at work) and when I came back to book 15 minutes later it was gone 🙁

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