Aeromexico Offers Hilarious World Cup Discount To Thank Korea For Saving Them

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Yesterday when I called my dad and asked him how he was, he said “not good, not good at all, Benny.” I was worried. “Is everything okay? What’s wrong? You’re scaring me.”

“Germany iz out ov zhe World Cup.” So while many are pretty sad right now about defending champions Germany being eliminated in the first round of the World Cup (for the first time since 1938), their loss was Mexico’s gain.

Yesterday South Korea beat Germany 2-0, which meant that Germany was eliminated and Mexico stays in the World Cup. To thank South Korea for winning, Aeromexico is offering a 20% discount on flights to Seoul.

I don’t care about the promotion as such, but how funny of a promotion is this? They even created a livery where the plane says “AeroCorea” rather than “Aeromexico.”

Very well played, Aeromexico!

(Tip of the hat to @AirlineFlyer@MeenzMev)

  1. Now that is a fantastic promotion! Ben – you should use it to requalify for Delta status and give us another long-haul Aeromexico review.

  2. Perhaps, Lucky, you could make it a little clearer to not-too-frequent readers that your father is essentially German.

  3. @VT-CIF Well, I guess every regular here knows that Lucky is of German ancestry, that his parents are German and thus that he is fluent speaking German.

    Coming back to the World Cup, as a German born Seychelles citizen and a candid fan of the German team, as are many here on our tiny Islands btw, what can I say…. Sad, very sad!!!

  4. It escapes absolutely no one that AeroMexico and Korean Air, the national airline of both countries, are SkyTeam members and besties with Delta. Something something conspiracy theory

  5. Anybody that gets so excited about a freaking sport is ripe for being brain washed with religion and used as a pawn.

  6. @Markus – Bens Vater ist der Fußballfan! Benny ist ein Schweinehassen, Bier hasst Amerikaner!

  7. @Debit Up to your usual idiotic and irrelevant posts, I see!! Bashing religion when there is literally no religious context.

  8. Jesse I used religion because that’s another easy to understand way where people are willing to do someone else’s bidding for no personal gain and at high personal cost.

    Like sports fans that are willing to shell out to big money to watch players earn big bucks.

    Regardless, religious people suck. If heaven exists why don’t all religious people commit mass suicide to get to heaven sooner? Just do it!

  9. Debit,

    “If heaven exists why don’t all religious people commit mass suicide to get to heaven sooner?”

    For Christians, we are put on this Earth to serve others and live our lives in the likeness of Jesus. Many, many of the world’s greatest problems AND solutions have been directly linked to “Religion.” None of us are perfect. We are all fallible. Some of us “religious” people spend each day trying to be a better person than we were the day before, knowing that we all fall short of the glory of God. But that does not mean we don’t try. It is by grace, through faith, that we have been saved. I recognize that and try to extend that same grace to others. Not all of us “suck.”

  10. @ common man

    Religion like bureaucracy is self preserving. The rules have been codified to make sure religion survives. I don’t think every Tom, Dick and Harry that attends church is smart enough to think about it very deeply, they are just pawns. But does religion view democracy as a threat? An alternative form of controlling people has to be competition if not a threat. No wonder most religious people also happen to be small government people. They want to dismantle one form to gain power through another.

    I think secular people do a disservice by letting people have freedom to practice religion. Religious people want small government so that religion becomes primary way to control and govern. We already see this in the Muslim world in the middle east (Hamas, Hezbollah) where the religious entities are the sole providers of services.

    The American way is under threat by religion. Immigrants are not the threat. Christian conservatives are the threat.

  11. I think we all know at this point that one shouldn’t answer Debits comments… as for Germany and the WC shit happens, we aren’t and won’t be the last defending champion to get kicked out on the group stages

  12. Germany built a wall before their match with Mexico but to no avail

    The most fun I’ve had the entire World Cup is driving around south central Los Angeles with the Mexico game on the radio blasting in Spanish and honking my horn every time Mexico scores.

  13. “Sad that Germany is out”. Sorry for your ‘loss’ but the rest of the world is absolutely delighted to see the end of them. Thrilled, and well played by Korea.

  14. @Marcus: appreciate your efforts, but your comment translates to “this is un-impossible”… 😉
    As a native German: well deserved to be kicked out of the tournament!

  15. I find this all particularly ironic, because had both South Korea and Mexico won, South Korea would’ve advanced. So South Korea may have saved Mexico, but Mexico ensured they got knocked out.

    I wonder how happy the South Korean fans really are here…

  16. Wow, possibly the first time I’ve ever agreed with something Debit has said!

    VT-CIF – If someone says they’re doing bad because Germany got knocked out of the World Cup, in a German accent, I think most people can put the clues together to realise that they’re German!

  17. As a Brazilian, I have to say revenge is sweet and i am DELIGHTED that Germany is out of the World Cup!!! Aufwiderschnitzel, Deutschland! Goodbye! and I love you Korea! saranghae 🙂

  18. @Debit

    Wow you actually believe this?

    Sure, let’s ban religion (as you seem to inexplicably want) and force them to move underground! Never mind there is still a sizeable chunk of religious people and that not all of them are the fucked-in-the-head extremists you see on the news often! Let’s also forget about the fact that there are *plenty* of gun-owning religious nutjobs willing to fight for the freedom to practice their religion. This really seems like a very well thought-out idea and will totally not end up failing! /sarcasm

    PS – ‘Most’ religious people are in favour of smaller government? Where did you pull that statistic out of, your ass? Because it seems like that’s where you pull out your *other* comments from.

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