Great Aeromexico Business Class Fares From Canada

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If you’re based in Canada or can easily position to Canada, Aeromexico has some exceptional business class fares at the moment, including out of Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver.

There are some great fares available to Mexico, though perhaps the best fares are to Southern South America. There’s good availability between June and the end of the schedule, so this is great no matter what time of year you’re looking to travel.

For example, you can fly roundtrip business class from Toronto to Cancun for ~610USD.

Or you can fly roundtrip business class from Toronto or Vancouver to Sao Paulo for ~1,120USD, which is probably the best fare available, given the amount of flying this involves.

Fares to Santiago are pretty great as well, as you can fly roundtrip business class for ~1,520USD.

You won’t find many of these fares on Google Flights, though you can find them on ITA Matrix or on Aeromexico’s website directly.

The flight from Canada to Mexico City will be on a 737, featuring standard domestic first class seats, similar to what you’d find on a narrow body Air Canada plane.

However, their flights to Southern South America are operated by 787s, which feature a much better product:

  • The 787-8 features Diamond seats in business class, which are fully flat and in a 2-2-2 configuration
  • The 787-9 features Super Diamond seats in business class, which are reverse herringbone seats in a 1-2-1 configuration

It would appear that the Sao Paulo route is mostly operated by the 787-8, while the Santiago route is mostly operated by the 787-9.

You can potentially earn quite a few miles with one of these itineraries. For example, if crediting to Delta SkyMiles you’d earn 150% elite qualifying miles, 200% redeemable miles, and elite qualifying dollars equal to 40% of the distance flown.

For example, the Vancouver to Mexico City to Sao Paulo routing covers just over 14,000 flown miles roundtrip, so you’d be earning 21,000 MQMs, 28,000 redeemable miles, and 5,600 MQDs.

Anyone plan to take advantage of one of these great fares?

(Tip of the hat to vincewy)

  1. Flying domestic/regional F/I/J on AeroMexico fairly frequently, I’d warn that their 737 F/I product is pretty awful. I’ve been on multiple planes in which the seats had little to no padding and the support structure could be felt through the leather cover. Food and beverage was abysmal – think a “ham” sandwich on Wonder bread and some sort of “salad” and a “cake”. The liberal use of quotes is intentional. Canada to MEX isn’t an insignificant amount of time in the air, so caveat emptor when jumping on these. Their intercontinental J is decent, though.


  3. Seriously considering picking one of these up as it would probably get me to Diamond for 2020.

  4. Maybe someone can help me understand. The Vancouver – Sao Paulo flights for $1123 roundtrip. These are what Aeromexico calls the ‘AM Plus’ seats, correct?

    When you view these fares on the Aeromexico website, and you click on the details of the ‘AM Plus’ fares for the Mexico City – Sao Paulo legs, it says: “Clase Premier Only” when describing the lie-flat seats.

    And the Premier seats are priced at more like $7,000 roundtrip – not $1123.

    Just wondering if anyone can clear that up for me. Am I getting any lie-flat seat time for $1123 roundtrip?

  5. You can also fly this airline from JFK to Los Cabos in business on various dates for around $1K.

  6. Booked Toronto to Santiago in late October but the MEX-SCL is on the 787-8. Would love to have had the 9 but I actually was looking into this trip anyway on Aero out of NYC but the prices went way up and I feel like ill earn more MQM out of Toronto

  7. @Mike – Try booking these at an online travel agency rather than on aeromexico’s own site. The fare $1100 seems to low and is likely for some sort of premium economy. When booking through an online travel agency i was able to book into a flat bed proper business seat.

  8. @Sam – Thank you. Are you able to share which online travel agency you booked through?

    It just seems odd to me that all of these fares are showing up everywhere for around $1100 – and on Aeromexico’s own site, you can certainly find the prices in this range, but only up to the ‘Comfort’ level. The ‘Premier’ level fares are still 5 to 6 times as much. And it seems to me that even the ‘Comfort’ level doesn’t get you a lie-flat, only Premier.

    You can trust that the online travel agency has really booked you into ‘Premier’ and not ‘Comfort’ ? (Which appears to also be considered business class).

  9. Hi Ben,

    What is the best program to credit the miles? I am not a frequent flyer (I fly about 10 times a year – most in business class using miles), and I have a boatload of Membership Rewards that can be used to pay for these flights with 35% MR refund for being a Platinum card holder. It would be awesome to get any type of status. My last three trips I used my MR to fly business class. We are seeing a trend of points/miles being devaluated by the airlines and hotels, but also great deals for flying revenue business class tickets, which makes sense to pay with the MR.

  10. I am not finding any of these at business class out of Toronto on the Aeromexico site.
    And are there restrictions on minimum length of stay. I would have hoped to do this as mileage run.

  11. @mike, @sam
    Comfort class is nonrefundable business class. (D, I)
    Premier class is refundable business class. (C, J)
    Same business class cabin, different rules and restrictions.
    Click on the “terms and conditions” at the bottom of the Aeromexico page describing the different classes for more info.

  12. @Bernard
    Use Expedia.
    If you have patience, you can make sure both your legs are on a 787-9

  13. @ Ben, nice to meet you, my first time posting here. While other destinations are also on sale from AM, the only deals are GRU and SCL for the moment. Other city pairs’ current prices are closer to their usual price points or use 737s all the way. For those with AmEx Platinum, check if you can get further discount using AIP. I found YYZ-SCL down to $1335 USD from flightnetwork using Kayak directed link.

    Do not expect gourmet dining on AM, it’s either chicken/pasta for lunches and dinners, or omlett/tamal for breakfasts. I got better offering from SCL with pasta, fish or beef ribs.

    @ Mike, Comfort and Premier are the same (business class), the difference is fare buckets so no worry.

    @ Sam, I need to caveat that most OTAs don’t offer 24-hour full refund if you change your mind other than (yes, Expedia USA doesn’t). However, I’m not seeing YYZ-GRU on AmEx Travel.

    Anyway, AM has a history of pulling plugs on those flash sales sooner than advertised (until May 26th) so I’d not wait too long.

  14. Thanks for posting this! I’ve been watching and waiting for a good business class deal from Seattle to Brazil for six months now. The 787-9 and 787-8 are scheduled to both GRU and SCL depending on the date. It’s easy to use Expert Flyer +-3 days to find the ideal schedule and product. I just booked my father on YVR-MEX-GRU with a 2:20 connection on the outbound and a nice 11 hour daytime connection on the return to give an opportunity to visit the city. 787-9 with super diamond on both long hauls. $1512 CAD/~$1123 USD on and books into I.

  15. Funny how no one talks sh*t about having to go through immigration and customs, and then going back through security (even in international transit) in Mexico like they LOVE to talk sh*t about the US… Going through immigration at MEX T2 can be an absolute nightmare without a Mexican passport…

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