Aeroflot’s Sensual 777-300ER Safety Video

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The first minute of that is just… wow:



(Tip of the hat to meFIRST on FlyerTalk)

  1. Pretty sad they can’t even sync the voiceover with the video…………and the reason they are all young and good looking is that all the “old” crew are in Siberia…………

  2. Nice. Although I do not speak or understand more than ~3 words of Russian, is sounds like a beautiful language. The FA’s (and pilots) are seriously hot. Now… if they could just do something about their catering they could become a world-class airline. Sorry folks, the food still sucks. As of April, ’14, big time, even at the front end. Not unwholesome I’m sure, but it looks like hell and is plain as as their reputation. I like cabbage, but enough is enough already!

  3. All that was missing in the opening was a high-five between the pilots while there were following the flight attendants.

    Nice of Sweden to loan the Ruskies “Vera”.

  4. If I ever fly aeroflot, i’ll pay attention to the safety video for the first time ever…

  5. I actually rather liked it; especially the sinister yet sultry look the FA gives the guy talking on his cell phone.

    What a change from when I first flew SU in 1981:

    “Ladies and Gentlemen, the Captain has turned on the get-out-of-your-seat-and-you-will-be-shot sign. Remain seated with seatbelt fastened. ”

    Of course, I exaggerate but you get the idea.

  6. Most people ignore the safety instructions/videos at the beginning of flights. If a video like that gets people to watch, that could be a good thing.

  7. That’s odd. My experience with Russia was that every little thing took forever, the service ranged from indifferent to rude, and very few people ever smiled. I’ve never flown Aeroflot because I simply cannot forgive an airline that allows pilots to bring their children into the cockpit and (inadvertently) crash the plane. Many plane crashes are caused by human error but that’s just so stupid I cannot find a way to overlook it. Seems like the concept of employing gorgeous women who want nothing to do with actually serving customers is already well covered by over a dozen Asian LCC’s.

  8. Lucky, are you disappointed there weren’t any dashing male flight attendants shown in the safety video?

  9. I just love those red stilettos. “Ouch” I hear some men say.
    I flew Aeroflop 5 years ago to BKK. Food was vile and not when a vodka to be had.

  10. @ Lucky – this is an interesting video that was linked to on FT —

    @ JustSaying – do you mean S7 Airline (f/k/a Sibir’ or Siberia) or the actual Siberia? That’s a strange comment to make… From what I’ve read, Aeroflot’s hiring process nowadays is pretty strict. Per the other video, looks like ages 18-26, 160 cm (5’3″) for women and 170 cm (5’7″) for men, and “proportional height to weight ratio”.

    @ No Fly Zone – baby steps šŸ™‚ Someone linked an article awhile back about their drive to improve customer service. Perhaps food will be next. Still way better than back in the Soviet days. Although, flying was a lot more affordable back then.

    @ Todd – Vera is a pretty common Russian/Slavic name. It’s a Russian word for “faith”; although all-knowing Wikipedia says it also a second Latin origin and means “true”. Comes from Saint Vera, a second century martyr.

    @ Dax – a lot of things in Russia have improved since the crazy 1990s. Generally, a problem with smaller airlines is lack/unwillingness to spend money on maintenance but Aeroflot is better in that regard (last major incident was in 2001). They stopped flying old Soviet Tu-134 & Tu-154 and pretty much migrated their fleet to Airbus (mostly A320) and some 737s & 773s; only Russian planes are brand-new SuperJet 100.

    @ Rob – They’d wanted to change the logo multiple times but always end up leaving it alone. A long time has passed since the USSR and the main market (domestic passengers) doesn’t associate anything negative with the logo. This is from a few years ago —

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