Aegean Offering 5,000 Miles To New Members

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It’s rare to see a frequent flyer program offer a significant bonus just for registering, so this is pretty noteworthy. That’s especially true when you consider that this is potentially enough miles for a one-way award.

Aegean Miles+Bonus new member bonus

Greek Star Alliance airline Aegean is offering a bonus of 5,000 award miles to new program members:

  • This is valid for new registrations through December 1, 2020
  • The 5,000 miles you get will be award miles, and you’ll also receive 1,000 elite miles
  • The miles will automatically post upon completion of registration

As far as Aegean Miles+Bonus mileage expiration goes, the miles technically don’t expire, but the program goes cancel your account if you don’t credit at least one paid Aegean program to the program every 60 months. So at a minimum your miles will be valid for five years, which is a solid expiration policy.

Earn 5,000 bonus Aegean miles with this bonus

Why there’s value in Aegean’s frequent flyer program

Aegean is a Star Alliance airline, and on the surface you may be thinking that it seems like a random program to credit miles to, since many people don’t fly Aegean with any frequency. However:

  • The program has some of the most reasonable thresholds for earning Star Alliance status, so it’s a great program to credit miles to even if you don’t fly with Aegean often
  • The program has excellent Star Alliance award redemption rates, which could come in handy; Aegean did devalue its award chart last November, but redemption rates are still solid

Here’s a look at Aegean’s award chart, for some context:

In addition to Star Alliance redemption rates, 5,000 miles is enough for a one-way economy class award within Greece, so just signing up for the program can get you a free one-way flight.

Bottom line

Aegean is offering 5,000 bonus miles for any new member who signs up for the program. There’s no need to complete any qualifying activity, so this is a great deal, if you ask me. 5,000 miles is enough for a one-way ticket within Greece, or will get you on your way to your first Star Alliance award.

(Tip of the hat to You Have Been Upgraded)

  1. They had been offering 1,000 bonus miles to new members for years but clearly now is the time for enhanced bonuses. They’ve also been offering similar bonuses to encourage people to use previously issued refund vouchers instead of cashing them in.

  2. Unfortunately I do not see any transferrable currencies (Amex, Chase, Citi, Buonvoy, Capital 1) that can add to that 5,000

    Do they sell miles occasionally?

  3. @david They aren’t a transfer partner. While at the same time they have a competitive chart that has some interesting connection options. They sell some miles. They have for the last few year had 100% bonus award miles purchase on Black Friday. They are also very easy to get *A gold if you can fly them once a year.

  4. you can add up to 5 family members or friends to your mileage pooling account. That would mean 6*5000 miles = 30.000 miles for free if you find 5 friends = 1 free flight in C Europe to Middle east…

  5. @david
    They are a Bonvoy transfer partner.

    You can only create a Together+ account and pool miles after achieving Silver status.

  6. “The program goes cancel your account if you don’t credit at least one paid Aegean program to the program every 60 months.”

    Does this means I need to fly Aegean within 60 months or can I just fly Star Alliance airlines to keep the account active?

  7. Because i live on Greece that’s a very good deal. With 5000 mikes you get one flight, and you only need to pay for airport taxes. If you search you can find some airports offering airport taxes for only 0.30€! So it’s like getting a free ticket.

  8. @Philip, I have gold status with Aegean. Will I be able to consolidate points if open new accounts for my parents?

  9. @AOH

    Yes, if you log into your account, you should be able to activate your Together+ function and then manage it accordingly by inviting/adding your parents.

  10. Thanks so much, Lucky! A flight from Athens to Paros next September is exactly 5,000 miles! Much appreciated!

  11. You can’t transfer miles from one account to another anymore (“temporarily suspended”) — Aegean also sends random account verification emails. I got all three accounts for my family and me verified, we got 5k miles each, all I could do was converting 4K into 1k ALL Accor miles per account.

  12. @Endre. Did you converted the miles to one Accor account, or to 1 account for each Aegean miles and bonus account? Because i see minimum spend on accor rewards points is 4000 points

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