Act Fast: Bargain Fares To Europe, Middle East, & Northern Africa

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I’m in Hawaii, which is possibly the worst time zone on the planet for keeping up with the news, but it appears Delta, Air France, and KLM are running an “attack sale” from United hub cities.

Via The Flight Deal, the cheapest fares are from United hub cities, and there are economy tickets for $300 — $700 round trip from:

  • San Francisco
  • Denver
  • Chicago
  • Houston
  • Washington DC
  • Cleveland

Fares to St Petersburg, Russia have been filed at $1 plus tax, so I would not expect this to last through the day. Other cities in Europe, the Middle East, and Northern Africa are less than $700 round-trip, which is just a phenomenal price.

I’ll never understand airline fare wars, because it seems like both airlines ultimately lose, but United has responded by offering similar fares from Delta hubs:

  • Salt Lake City
  • Cincinnati
  • Memphis
  • Detroit
  • Minneapolis
  • Atlanta

Flights to Copenhagen are under $700 on many dates

Finding these fares

The best option is to search on ITA Matrix for the exact flights you’re interested in, then book directly via the airline websites. You can also book using an online travel agent like Orbitz or Priceline.

IAD-LED fares


Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 7.18.04 AM

Granted that particular fare is to Russia in winter, but there are many other great deals.

Bottom line

If this were an American fare I’d jump on this, as Executive Platinums receive eight systemwide upgrades which are valid even on deep-discount economy fares. As it is, that’s a long way in economy, so I’ll personally be passing on this.

For those looking for cheap flights to Europe, this is an absolute steal though!

Is anyone taking advantage of this? Where are you headed?

  1. I’m trying to look at fares from SFO to Rome, Italy and it keeps saying that Rome, Italy is not recognized. I have always been able to put the city in instead of the airport code until today 🙁

  2. Unless you’re transitting through Russia, to actually leave the airport you’ll need a $160 Visa, which takes some work to get.

  3. @Lynn

    matrix has been all sorts of messed up ever since they started pushing people to google flights (i assume this is by design and they get paid for it). so maybe just use kayak?

  4. Since most if not all the deals are on skyteam airlines, which FF program would you credit the miles to? Flying Blue? Delta Skymiles? Alitalia Millemiglia? Saudia alfursan? 😉

    @Lynn, have you tried putting FCO?

  5. Lucky,

    Appears that premium cabins are not on sale… so… do you have any recommendations on how to upgrade these fares? 16+ hours in economy from SFO would be tough.

    Thanks, Matt

  6. @lucky –

    Actually, we were one of the first to catch this…we were doing Mileage Run research and discovered the St. Petersburg flights, (and amazingly a Latvia flight for $174 RT that quickly disappeared) and then we discovered the ORD-DUB by screening Delta’s Flexible Dates screens…

    We booked flights to Dublin, then confirmed flat-bed seats with our GUC’s (my wife needs to be most comfortable on long-haul flights) and then we shared with everyone out there by tweeting.

    I contacted several of our friends and my classmates and many of them jumped on these flights…later we noticed UA jumped into the counter-attack.

    Alas, SEA never sees such airfare attacks….but maybe in the future as Delta grows its hub, eh?

    Everyone should visit Ireland

    Taitneamh A Bhaint As (Enjoy in Gaelic) !

  7. Booked CLE->LED 5/8-5/10 and it includes a 14hr stopover in AMS for $481. Y’all come with!

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