AMAZING American Business Class Deals To Europe

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At the moment you can score an incredible deal on business class travel to Europe next spring, summer, or fall, by booking through If two people travel together you can fly roundtrip business class to Europe for under $1,100 per person on American or British Airways.

This seems to be valid from several US cities to Paris, including Boston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, etc.

These fares are exclusively available through American Airlines’ vacation packages website, and you can save money by combining airfare and hotels. The catch is that you can also just book a really cheap hotel as part of this, and not actually use it.

How To Take Advantage Of This Deal

To get started, go to and click the “Advanced search” option at the bottom left.

Select your travel dates, and then I suggest selecting the option to make the hotel dates different than the flight dates. You need to select at least three days in a hotel, so that is what I would select. Also remember that two people need to be traveling.

Then select the hotel, and I recommend sorting by price, with the lowest displaying first. If you want you can just pick the cheapest hotel.

Then select your flights. You should see options on American, as well as codeshare options on British Airways.

You’ll see the super low prices when everything is said and done, like $2,156 roundtrip for two people.

Note that not all days will have these cheap fares, though many do. So if you go through this process and don’t find a cheap fare, try again with different dates.

Hurry, this won’t last!

(Tip of the hat to Rowyourboat)

  1. @ben sorry… it is still working, just checked the Boston route just now. but website keeps loading super slow. Everyone is probably on it. I was trying to see if LAX or SFO had anything as i am in California. Doesnt look like it. ill keep trying.

  2. Hi Ben,
    I’ve been reading some reviews about AA Business Class recently. You might want to check them out. /s

  3. Just got back from Paris last week. Flew American business class round trip from JFK and found the service, the plane(777-200 B/E seats), the Flagship lounge and the on-time performance to be great. Would not hesitate to do it again-especially at these prices. I would be fine with premium economy for these prices.

  4. @ Ben — If you want to go to Europe, this is an excellent deal, but Qsuites US-DOH-SE Asia for $2,000 – $2,500 is a much more efficient and comfortable way to attain status. Those fares will return I’m sure. It seems we get that deal once a year or so.

  5. I’ve been doing this for a few years now. Usually United or AA Vacations. I save TONS on the fare for Business. United allows you to only book 1 night at a hotel. Sometimes that can save a hundred or so. And you do not need to stay at the hotel. It’s paid for and you just forfeit the hotel portion to the hotel. You get bonus miles for booking through the vacation site, however you don’t get dollar spend or PQM.

  6. Wish there was a toggle for turning off any AA-related posts for those of us happily rid of them. Only half joking.

  7. I’m getting “Forbidden. You don’t have permission to access this server” right after I click the search button. Tried incognito, same result. Any advice?

  8. SAN to LHR for 1 week and 3 nites in a 3 star dump was over $4000 per person in Business
    What a greaaaaaat deal

  9. @Andy – according to the article the deal is to Paris. I need SAN-anything in Europe and then continue to my final destination. I’ll consider LAX-Europe as well if I can get RT for ~$1K pp

  10. @Lucky and others,

    Dealt still in effect, CDG and FCO seem to be the best destinations.
    I just booked LAX-DFW-FCO (I) RT $1300
    As @David H said, you can select a subset of days to be hotel dates. In my case I booked 8/16-8/29, with hotel in Rome only 8/18-8/21.

  11. @David H
    Not sure about accrual, but AA vacations says:
    ” How many AAdvantage miles will I earn by booking my vacation package online?

    You will earn 1000 AAdvantage bonus miles for every booking made online at when providing a valid AAdvantage number at time of booking. You will also earn miles for flights that are booked as part of a vacation package.”

  12. I’m getting “Forbidden. You don’t have permission to access this server” right after I click the search button as happened to Alex. Seems like their website is akin to their on board service.

  13. Any success? Tried replicating example above and gotten forbidden error. Some city pairs (jfk, lax, bos and fco, cdg) showing forbidden error. Other city pairs pricing at what seems to be the expected (read: expensive) level.

  14. Two people need to be traveling? I’m happily a party of one. Why are single people often penalized in the travel industry? Single supplements is why I have no interest in going on cruises.

  15. Thanks for the deals Lucky, something I feel is sometimes missing from this site, I also like when you tell us the BA FIRST and Business Class deals.

  16. Your title says Europe, yet you only list Paris. You do know one is a city and the other is a continent, yes? Isn’t it ofd that titles are only more precise when delay with USA locations.

  17. This article demonstrates why AA doesn’t need to improve their service as general public only cares about prices. Lol. When AA doesn’t get bookings for their business class even at rock bottom prices, then they will actually up their service game.

  18. I got “Forbidden
    You don’t have permission to access this server” using the sample destination and date. Why?

  19. I got the forbidden error in safari but was successful in chrome. However I can’t seem to find any dates with that pricing.

  20. West coast to CDG (LAX/SFO/SEA) generates Forbidden error. Tried LAX-WAW and price in J Class comes in at an amazing $3,000 USD / pp

  21. @Jack: I got “Forbidden” as well (Chrome) for anything into LHR, but not for LGW. Strange. The server is apparently returning the wrong error code for “no availibility”.

    Lucky’s exact search above gets “Forbidden…”.

    The said, the deal seems to be sold out. Nothing below $3500 midweek in late April. I can build my own plane for that.

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