A visit to the most beautiful part of San Francisco!

I thought I knew San Francisco pretty well and had seen most of the major sights, as I’ve visited many, many times. I always knew there were great views of the Golden Gate Bridge from Baker Beach and the surrounding trails, though for whatever reason I never made it out there… until yesterday. Damn, it has to be one of the nicest areas of the city!

Not only are there great views of the Golden Gate Bridge, but the beach is beautiful and views of the surrounding coast are awesome as well. The North part of the beach is nude, so just keep that in mind. Fortunately my vision is pretty bad.

To top it all of Fleet Week is this weekend, so the Blue Angels and a United 747 were flying overhead for much of the afternoon. Combined with amazing weather, it was a beautiful afternoon.

Below are just a few pictures I took with my iPhone (which explains the not-so-awesome qualify).

If you’ve been to San Francisco and haven’t visited Baker Beach, it’s a must!

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  1. Let me know next time you’re in town. I work right by the airport! Also happen to have security clearance!

  2. Hey if you’re still in town, some of us are getting food in the mission and checking out the Castro St. Fair, feel free to send me an email if you want to meet up.

  3. I agree that’s a nice walk/hike. I was in SFO a few wks ago. I rented a bike for 6 days. Some really nice bike trails. Try biking from the Embarcadero to Golden Gate Br to Sausalito to Tiburon. (then take the ferry back) Some nice views.

  4. @Ben, and you don’t want to live here! That’s the best thing about SF. You can live here for a decade and still discover more beautiful spots.

  5. “Fortunately my vision is pretty bad” Lol, don’t hear many guys say that about a nude beach. I’ve always wanted to visit fleet week! Great pics, I’l have to visit that part of SFO next time I’m around.

    – Nomad

  6. @ Despina — After this weekend I actually like the city a lot more, and it’s definitely on my consideration list for future moves.

    @ Grant — You took the words right out of my mouth (much as the people on the nude beach basically took my breakfast out of my mouth).

  7. Did you go to UA’s family day @ SFO?

    How about Hardly Strictly Bluegrass? I heard the Lumineers were great yesterday (we went today).

    A beautiful weekend in San Francisco for sure!

  8. It’s amazing how many different angles there are of the Golden Gate – and each one as beautiful as the last. Glad you had a nice trip!

  9. And you’re moving to Seattle… why???

    Of course, the weather is *always* that nice in San Francisco. That is, if you think fog is as nice as bright sunshine.

    (BTW, the views in the other direction, from the Marin headlands towards the city, are just as, if not even more spectacular. And you can hike for miles and miles.)

  10. Hi Ben,

    Baker Beach is really a great spot but if you’re looking for some more privacy and a not so touristy place, I would recommend China Beach, you got the same spectacular views but not many tourists find that place because you need to drive through a quite upscale neighborhood to get there.. There is enough parking and some really nice cliffs to just hang out.

  11. In my opinion, the Palace of Fine Arts is one of the best parts of SF. Go as the sun is going down and it’s fantastic.

  12. A rare sunny day in SF. I have never been to this beach because I need to drive uptown to get there. Instead of dealing with traffic and people, I tend to gravitate towards the beaches down south such as Santa Cruz.

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