A truly perfect flight!

Good evening from Frankfurt! You ever have one of those flights where everything goes right? Well, I just had one on Singapore Airlines (not surprisingly, I suppose). The conditions were perfect — first class was almost empty, the flight time was 12 hours (the perfect length, in my opinion, given that it allows eight hours of sleep and two hours on each end for a good meal), the service was spectacular, and the meal was the best I’ve ever had on a plane.

While I’ll post the trip report shortly, here are a few pictures:

And while perhaps the terminals at Frankfurt Airport aren’t the most efficiently designed (to put it nicely), for me it’s the most exciting airport in the world. Not only do I love it because Lufthansa is among my favorite airlines, but the variety of airplanes and airlines at Frankfurt Airport makes me feel like a kid in a candy store.

And to finish off the day, look what was waiting for me in my room. Thanks to a certain blog reader who shall (publicly) remain nameless!

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  1. Someone broke into your hotel room and gave you diet coke and milkless cereal? Very weird – yet I’m jealous. Where’s my stalker? JK

  2. The Sheraton Frankfurt eh .. that’s my first home… Say Hi to the guys at the 9th floor .. Will be there on Wednesday again …

  3. @Jayson,
    Love Frankfurt?? It’s a city that lacks customer service. People are rude! I’ld put that city pretty low on the list of BRD cities. It was so heavily bombed during WWII. The old town is a joke. It’s a major business center during weekdays that turns into a provincial city during weekends. I much prefer Hamburg or even Munchen.

  4. I hope that the “nameless” blog reader was from hotel management, not a stalker who found out your itinerary! 😉 Didn’t that already happen to you once before (they cancelled your flights, if I recall)?

  5. Two coke glasses in the hotel room….. did you bring a SQ flight attendant home with you?

  6. I’d bet the “stalker” is Lucky’s favorite reader named Frank 😉

    Yes, the same Frank who had the honor of having his “reader name” in the subject line in a blog post from last May 😀

  7. Lufthansa might be good in business and first, but their economy product is crap all around

  8. While I thank lucky for all the great posts (and pictures), day after day, I find myself looking forward to the comments just as much recently! So, a big thank you to all you posters out there who make this reader’s experience all the more enjoyable!

  9. @Michael – yea, LH Y is CRAP!!!

    Old style small CRT monitors for every 5 rows, those seats incline barely 5 degrees – just a namesake! Its a JOKE!!!

  10. LR – I care because I am back there almost all the time 🙂

    And I see folks like you in the front side who ENJOY the hours on the plane… 🙂 No offence, just saying…

  11. Y in LH is way better than any NA product.

    Lucky for you to have 2 Diet Cokes waiting for you. One before bed and one when you wake up waiting for you. I hope the aspertame in the diet coke doesn’t eat your nerves at too early of an age. Just make sure that the diet coke isn’t in the sun too long or it turns into formaldehyde.

    Just want to say that I like the fact that you are one of the only bloggers that don’t post yourself and others. I think it a bit classy to just post the airline product that we readers love….oh and yes…like the person before says, I enjoy the comment section too!

  12. @LR bit of respect for people who cant afford what you luckily can!!i travel in premium all the time and i do care how people behind are travelling.

  13. Awe, I’m glad others enjoy reading the comments as much as I do. I specifically revisited this thread today to see if there were any new comments 😉

  14. @Aeroman I don’t think NA carriers are allowed in any discussion when it comes to Y product. Kazakhstan air probably has a better product.
    LH is still crap. Bad seats, no leg room and the food is just disgusting. I remember last summer I flew FRA-JFK and the flight was supposed to be on the new A380 so I was really excited. I get to the gate and what’s waiting? A 20 year old 747 with no in-flight entertainment system. They decided to send the A380 to Miami instead. it was parked a the neighboring gate. I was furious and talked to the manager (I speak fluent German) and tore him another one. He completely agreed with me that this was complete BS but could do nothing. I asked to be upgraded and he told me the flight was full. This is what LH amongst many airlines does. They overbook flights and then they give you a crap product. I will never fly LH again unless I can exploit them with my miles and when I fly first on LH I will order everything ten times over.

  15. @ Michael

    You know, it’s very hard to sympathize and support you, with comments like that. For what it’s worth, I hope LH kicks you as.s again the next time you fly.

  16. I’ll never understand your taste in food. You seem to love caviar and yet otherwise have a very undeveloped palate. You’d think with all your travel and exposure to so many cultures and cuisines that you’d appreciate sophisticated food. I’m embarrassed for you every time you order a calzone at a hotel restaurant (a St Regis no less??)… Perhaps explore some of the world’s Michelin starred restaurants while you travel – you’re really missing out.

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