A Singapore Airlines first class flight that left me disappointed (no, really)…

There are a few things in life I consider to be guarantees. For example, if you show me a Harry Potter movie, I guarantee I’ll fall asleep. If you ask me to go through the full body scanner at a US airport, I guarantee I’ll be getting a massage in a private room instead. And if you put me in Singapore Airlines first class, I guarantee my expectations will be exceeded… or so I thought.

I just flew Singapore Airlines first class, and for the first time I can remember, was actually legitimately disappointed. I’ll save the details for the trip report – consider this a teaser. Though of course feel free to guess, and if anyone gets it right I’ll be happy to say so.

And no, the disappointment wasn’t that the first lady of Zimbabwe and her entourage were taking up half of the first class cabin…

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  1. I was disappointed last time I flew Singapore too (it was just business but still…).
    BTW, many people misspell mAssage… mEssage is something different.

  2. It looks like you ordered the diet menu. Portion control. They didn’t want you to feed you that much…

  3. I’m guessing either an A380 was swapped out for a 747 or… They had no lemons for the diet coke…

  4. @ Ralph — I haven’t started it yet, this is a trip I’m taking right now.

    Folks, you’re assuming I’m kidding. I’m being serious. Seriously!

  5. I suspect you had a bad crew–which happens from time to time even on SQ.

    Did you have to fight for the caviar and a drink with dinner like Gary did on his horrible LH F flight to India last year?

  6. Your diet coke has NO lime NOT EVEN lemon! where have all the citrus fruits gone?!

    And the vanilla ice cream was served too melty….

  7. The Captain’s wife upgraded on board and she keeps on going to the cockpit and back again?
    Or an infant in First?

  8. All the Singapre logos on silverware, plates, and glasses were not pointing at you?

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