Video: What It’s Like To Land A 777 At JFK

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There are a lot of aviation related videos on YouTube of varying quality. If you enjoy these kinds of videos, High Pressure Aviation Films has just uploaded a fantastic video showing the process of landing a Boeing 777 at New York’s JFK Airport. The video is of an Air France 777 crew performing the final descent and landing, and it’s fascinating to watch.

What they do especially well with this video is that they provide explanations of each action that the pilots take, so you really know what’s going on. On top of that, it’s a high quality video, and the beautiful view of New York as the plane approaches is the cherry on top.

Here’s the awesome (roughly) seven minute video:

(Tip of the hat to JALOPNIK)

  1. At that last moment when the computer says “200 feet & Minimum” both pilots say continue. Is that for them to have a final check or does the computer acknowledge that? Also, for Asiana flight 214, did the pilots say “continue” as they approached sfo?

  2. At ‘minimums’ you either call ‘check/continue’ if you are visual with the runway, or ‘go-around flap’.

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