How To Get 750 Free United Miles

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UPDATE: The miles have already posted to my MileagePlus account, so mark this one as “Confirmed”.

Here at One Mile at a Time, we like miles and points. But we really like FREE miles and points.

Right now you can get 750 free United miles just for joining MyPoints. It literally takes about 1 minute. That’s obviously not enough to get you a first class award seat, but hey, every mile counts.

And if you’re just starting out, it’s a good way to get the stone rolling.

How Does This Work?

Click the registration link. You should see this.

mypoints signup

Then provide some basic info, like your name, date of birth, gender, and United MileagePlus number. You should see this screen:

MyPoints Congrats

Once you’ve registered, the final steps are even easier:

  • Wait for the activation email to show up, probably in your spam folder
  • Click the link in the email to activate your account
  • Wait 6-8 weeks for the miles to hopefully appear

Note that there is a possibility that this promotion is targeted for United MileagePlus credit card holders. That said, the link seems to work for everyone.

What is MyPoints?

MyPoints is a shopping portal of sorts that lets you earn points for a variety of activities. I’ve never used it, and don’t really know much about them, but they seem to have been around since 1996. Even this FlyerTalk thread about MyPoints goes back to 2002.

They’ve been known to run sign-up promotions for new members before.


Is This Worth My Time?

That’s a reasonable question. I value United miles at close to 2 cents each and think they are the most valuable miles among the three legacy frequent flyer programs. (I can hear Ben furiously typing his rebuttal to that statement already….) 

At 2 cents per mile, the signup bonus is worth $15. And it takes about a minute. I don’t know about you, but I wish I had a way to scale this such that I could earn $900 / hour.

Additionally, any activity will reset the expiration date of your miles. So if you have United MileagePlus miles at present, this is a good way to extend the clock 18 months.

Can I Earn More Miles?

You can earn an additional 1,000 United miles by completing a purchase of $25 within the first 30 days.

Assuming you value United miles like I do, that means you’ll get a rebate worth about $20 after you spend $25. Not a bad return, but probably more effort than I’ll put into it.


Will They Spam Me?


But considering that the first activation email actually ended up in my Spam folder, I’m confident that Google’s priority inbox will take care of it for me. Or I imagine you can change your preferences.

Have you ever used MyPoints?

(Tip of the hat to Wandering Aramean)

  1. I have used them, and am constantly bombarded with their spam, even after I tried to cancel.

  2. “they are the most valuable miles among the three legacy frequent flyer programs”

    so you think 110k miles for a 7 hr flight on one of their partners is normal? or a great value?

  3. @lantean

    United has way more availability at the saver level than AA or DL. I think that is what he means. When you want to use miles to fly home at Christmas or Thansgiving, you can often find space on United, but not on other carriers. That is the “value”.

  4. Lucky,

    Post all this press, you should probably come clean about your relationship with United. I think people are clamoring for an explanation/apology/mea culpa.

  5. Unfortunately only available for members residing in USA, as it does not work with a international zip code and using a random USA one gives no match error

  6. @Tom – I thought the article was super clear about the issue with United. What’s left to say? And why do we care?

  7. Mypoints is a rip off company. I had a very bad experience with them. Used them for 6 months and racked up their points shopping and doing surveys but when I went to use the points I earned to get one of their gift cards (for $40 when mypoints account shows I have over $200) it never goes through and I’ve emailed them 5 times but never get anything but a canned response and none of the money I earned in their fake rip off web site. Avoid mypoints I strongly advise. It’s a miserable experience

  8. I’ve been using MyPoints for almost two years, and have had a good experience. I rack up points slowly these days, clicking on their emails (which I have sent to a non-primary email account) and using their portals — but I no longer do the surveys. I’ve always gotten my points, and also been able to redeem them for United miles periodically. Yes, it takes a while to rack up 12k points to redeem for 5k miles, but the actual time I spend is minimal, and, in my non-primary email account, I can just ignore any emails that I don’t care about…

  9. Nice! Given that one of the merchants we can buy from is eBay, getting +1000 points shouldn’t be that difficult, I’d think.

    @ Tom – this post wasn’t authored by Lucky.

  10. Hi, question: Is the link provided in the post is a referral link? Does anyone get a referral compensation if someone clicks on the link and/or signs up for mypoints?

  11. @ Nachshol — Nope! If any of us are receiving any type of incentive it’s always disclosed at the top of the post.

  12. Watch out if you plan to sign up mypoint. I signed up 2 months in May, 2015 and did a lot of shopping and survey. After I placed some orders 1 month ago, my account was shut down by mypoint w/o any reason. I emailed and called mypoint but did not get any single respond. I googled around and found out this is common that some people’s accounts were shut down by mypoint w/o any reason even they were with my point more than 3 years and generated more than 80000 points. Luckily I had points only enough to redeem $10 amazon GC. If you really want to sign up, redeem a GC as soon as you have enough points! Do not have more than one account using the same IP address!

  13. My Google Inbox filtered the email confirmation into the spam box and hid all the links. I can’t confirm the MyPoints account. Anyone else run into this and have a solution?

  14. @Paul The same thing happened to me. If you mark it “not spam” the message should show up in your inbox and show you all the links.

  15. I think this deal may be dead. When I clicked on your link above, I got a webpage that doesn’t mention the United points — it doesn’t look like the screenshot you posted. So I haven’t gone further.

    I don’t have a United credit card, but the link would have no way of knowing that. Now you just land on MyPoints standard home screen.

    What do others think?

  16. @Chaz, my experience was the same. I didn’t compare the screens too closely and continued with signup as I was handling a few other minor tasks, so was distracted, and I completed signup with nary a mention of the bonus or request for my United account. Whoops.

  17. So far I am very disappointed. I tried to sign up with them yesterday. They created an account for me then promptly displayed a message that it was not working but if I would supply a lot more personal information they would use that to check why the account was not working. Since that info was not required to open the account I see no reason why they need to phish that info out of me.

    There was no mention of the signup bonus. I emailed them through their website to politely inquire what was going on and if they would fix it. There has been no response forthcoming. I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that this is just another scam operator. Perhaps you should vet your recommendations a bit more carefully.

  18. I will ditto some of the recent posts, it looks like this is already dead. I nearly hit “complete signup” and then realized it never offered me anywhere to put in my United FF #

    Went back and looked at the screens and the landing page I was on was definitely different from the one you showed in this post (really appreciate the pic by the way – that saved me some frustration!)

    I closed out rather than complete my signup – if there is a different link I’d still sign up but for now I guess I’ll wait for the next offer.

  19. Jeff: same experience. Unfortunately, I’d finished before I realize “Hey, they never asked for my United #.” I’m worried about all the spam Ill get now.
    @ Philip: You’re kidding, right? Nothing is free. The entire purpose of a site like this is to sell your email (indirectly, since it will go through them, and they get credit). Without that juicy personal info, you are of no use to them.

  20. hello all,
    i look for some offers to buy miles, not so sure if this 750 miles free still offers thr this month- August 2015
    thanks 4 your time!

  21. I made 3 donations this month, and should have 16500 pending points. My account shows -0- pending, and after contacting customer support they only have record of 1 donation. I was only offered an apology for the other 2 even though I have a credit card receipt and email confirmations from the recipients. I also subscribed to 3 mailing lists, and have no pending points for those.

    Who knows if these are issues with cookies, browser, or their interface that links you to the donation site.

    I did receive the joining bonus within 48 hours in my mileage plus account.

    I will not be using any further.

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