$31 one-way fares on JetBlue on Halloween

This is a hell of a deal. All JetBlue routes are available for a mere $31 one-way for travel on October 31 after noon (in whatever time zone you might be). With taxes that comes out to around $41 all-in.

I’m actually flying from JFK to TPA on the evening of October 31 and booked Delta for $99. While I’ll probably end up in first class and have lounge access, I would have taken JetBlue for $41 in a heartbeat.

I even see a New York to Long Beach flight with availability at this price!

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  1. Really? I’d take DL in F, lounge access, and all the miles that come with it for $99 rather than B6 for $41… That’s a no brainer for me.

  2. I guess it’s a toughie for me. On Delta it’s an MD80 (no IFE) compared to JetBlue’s pimped out A320’s. I also have no reason to arrive at the airport early, so on JetBlue I’d check-in online and get to the airport 45 minutes before departure. But as a points slut, I think you’re right, I’d go with Delta.

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