3 Hours Only: Buy A Fairmont Gift Card With A 20% Bonus

As I first wrote about earlier in the week, Fairmont is offering a 20% bonus on gift card purchases for a period of three hours today. This promotion just kicked off, and is valid from 1PM until 4PM EST today.


Each person can only take advantage of the promotion once, though you can purchase up to $5,000 worth of electronic gift cards under the offer, which would lead to a $1,000 bonus. Each gift card can be worth at most $2,000, so you’d want to load your shopping cart with a few gift cards if you wanted to maximize the offer (for example, two $2,000 cards and one $1,000 card).

You can choose whether you want to buy gift cards in USD or CAD. While you can use the gift cards in currencies other than the ones they’re issued in, the conversion rates used for those purposes may be unfavorable. This only applies to electronic gift cards, and not to plastic gift cards.

The gift cards don’t expire, and you don’t have to stay at a Fairmont hotel to use a gift card — they’re also valid for restaurant and spa purchases.

Fairmont has some fantastic hotels, so if you’re interested you have a few hours to buy gift cards with a 20% bonus.

Fairmont Banff Springs

Do you plan on buying Fairmont gift cards with a 20% bonus?


  1. I was able to pre-pay with a credit card and then switch to using a gift card when checking out. So, if you don’t mind the money being locked up for a while (or have a stay in the near future) it isn’t an issue.

  2. I just bought mine…so excited to use it for Christmas stay and dinner. If anyone would be in Calgary in December, Palliser is having a promotion. Room rates start from C$99 (plus taxes and fees). You can use promo code “PELV” to get the special rate.

  3. I live in Calgary and stay at the Fairmont in Lake Louise when my wife and I go skiing. Use COSTCO rate and pay with the gift cards at check-in.

    This is a fantastic deal!

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