2009 United 1K membership kit

Since I posted pictures of the Northwest Platinum welcome kit, I’ll do the same for United as a comparison. First of all, on the plus side, my kit arrived in late December. In the past I received it in February, so it was about two months ahead of schedule.

The 1K kit has deteriorated quite a bit. I remember four years ago it was a decent sized package, while it could probably be shipped with one stamp this year, judging by the contents. It included one very simple piece of paper with the membership card attached, along with ten drink chits.

The only positive thing I can say about the kit is that they really seem to care about the environment. 😀

Membership kit

For the heck of it I took pictures of three “generations” of drink chits. The bottom chit is from a couple of years ago, and contains no expiration date. The second one, which is slightly smaller, has an expiration date. The third one, which came in this year’s kit, is about half the size. I have a feeling they’ll be invisible next year. 😉

Drink chit evolution

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  1. While I haven’t received mine, I prefer smaller coupons, as it takes up less space in my wallet.

  2. You need to post a picture of GTEM cert as well.
    Since it’s so small this year, I’d have hard time writing down any comment on them.

  3. kkjay77, it’s funny you say that, because I overlooked them at first! No longer are they a nice little packet, but instead they’re attached to the credentials. Really pretty pathetic, especially since this is a great way to recognize exceptional employees on the spot.

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