20% off United standard awards within the US and Canada

United is offering 20% off standard awards within the United States (excluding Hawaii) and Canada this summer, which means a standard award is only 40,000 miles roundtrip. Bookings need to be made by May 18 at least 21 days prior to departure. Travel needs to be completed by October 31.

This isn’t a fantastic deal in general, but standard awards at United do have last seat availability. So if there’s absolutely no affordable way to get where you’re trying to go and there aren’t saver awards available, this is a pretty decent option.

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  1. There aren’t a lot of routes that are totally unaffordable 3 weeks out.

    My first thought was perhaps it would be possible to get decent (not great) return flying between a couple of small to medium-sized cities, maybe Fargo or Wichita to Midland/Saginaw. But even there the advance purchase fares are pretty reasonable.

    So we need to add a second condition. It’s probably flights between less serviced cities AND WHERE there’s no availability in lower fare buckets.

    To get say a 2 cent per mile return.

    Otherwise in many cases you’d be better off using CHOICES to buy the ticket outright and earn miles. Which you probably shouldn’t do, either.

    Still, as I posted over at View from the Wing, it seems curious to see United discounting standard awards, even if they’re only discounting to 2006 prices.

  2. There still are some places that are $800 3 weeks out… in that case I’d consider burning 40k miles for a Standard Award.

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