Up To 1,500 Free Lufthansa Miles

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There are a couple of promotions out there right now for earning free Lufthansa Miles & More miles. I can’t personally guarantee either will work, but since it only takes a couple of minutes to register, it’s well worth it.

500 free Lufthansa miles from T-Mobile

Through August 31, 2014, T-Mobile is offering 500 Miles & More miles if you register for their online media center. Once you register you’ll receive an email with a link for adding your Miles & More number.


Here are the terms (using Google Translate):

After Media Center registration you will receive a confirmation email in which you simply click on the link to confirm your e-mail address and then “Next to the Media Center” to access the form Miles & More. Here you enter your service card number and receive your 500 miles. Here, you will automatically be in our raffle with a chance to further 100,000 Miles & More award miles in part.

1,000 free Lufthansa miles from Best Western

Best Western seems to be offering 1,000 Miles & More miles to those that have been part of the Best Western Rewards program for 10 years. There’s a chance they might verify accounts to see if they’ve actually been active for 10 years, though I wouldn’t count on it. So I think it’s worth the 30 seconds it takes to give this a shot.


Here are the terms (using Google Translate):

The Birthday Miles will be awarded only once and only after correct, prior registration. For the correct specification of the Miles & More Miles & More membership number the member’s responsibility. Miles will be awarded only to the owner of the Miles & More service card, which is qualified within the Best Western Rewards Birthday campaign for it.

Bottom line

Both of these websites are in German, so you can always use Google Translate in Chrome to translate to English, which should make it pretty straightforward. Lufthansa miles are quite valuable and can sometimes be tough to “top off,” so this is a nice way to accomplish that.

I can’t guarantee both offers will work for everyone, but it does seem worth the three minutes it takes to try…

  1. I’m not a Best Western member. Filled out website and received the following (after google translate): “Thank you for registering!
    We have received your registration and will credit your birthday miles on the specified Miles & More member account.” We’ll see…

  2. @onemileatatime
    signed up for the t-mobile link.
    received conf email with link… clicked link.. error. tried diff browsers.
    another 1 bites the dust (:

  3. Both links worked for me. I heard some websites doesn’t work when you translate them, therefore I suggest you use the original website to register and if you don’t know a word or sentence, use Google translate in a other browser.

  4. I did submit the form to sign up for the T-Mobile online Media Center. I didn’t get any confirmation email (checked my Google account), but when I logged into my Miles and More account I did see the 500 mile credit. Woohoo!

    As for the Best Western offer – I didn’t get any emails of sort to confirm my entry. Perhaps it was because I entered a US address (not mine!). Since it didn’t ask me for my email address, I wonder how they would have known to contact me?!?

  5. Sorry – I stand corrected. I did get an email from T-Mobile. It landed up in my Spam folder. But I saw the 500 mile credit even before I clicked on the link in the email to confirm my email address. Just FYI…

  6. Have tried this three times now with different email addresses. No sign of any “Miles&More form” at any point, before or after the confirmation email. Can anyone help me out?

  7. @claudevella
    in the conf email is a an activation link. open link. then click on link to complete profile.. profile asks for LH M&M #

  8. I recalled I entered my Miles and More number on form when I signed, rather than after the activation email. Not sure that it mattered, but I did keep the first registration form in German instead of using the page that Google Translate translated for me. Maybe check your junk or spam folder? That’s what happened for me.

    Did anyone get that 1,000 miles from Best Western? Nothing happened after I submitted the form and I don’t see how they could have contacted me as the form didn’t ask for my email address, only my Miles and more number.

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