Wow, Northwest has a lot of Platinum members!

I realize that you’re probably more interested in hearing about my experience on Continental this morning than anything else I could write about, but I’m going to wait until I get back home to write a report of that, since I took over a dozen pictures and some might be surprised by my experience. I also had a chance to go and check out the wreckage of US1549 this morning (well, sort of), and will provide an update on that tomorrow (hopefully).

Anyway, next Thursday evening I’m flying TPA-MSP-SEA on Northwest, and my upgrade window was today as a Platinum Elite. On the plus side my upgrades cleared for both flights a little over five days before departure, but I was shocked by how many Platinum members Northwest seems to have. Now, I realize I’m flying during peak travel times on a Thursday evening, but the A320 from TPA to MSP went from having 2/16 of the F seats occupied to having 12/16 of the F seats occupied. That logical conclusion there seems to be that there were 10 Platinum members that got upgraded. My MSP to SEA flight, which is a B757-300, went from having 3/24 of the F seats occupied to having 17/24 F seats occupied, which means there were 14 Platinum members.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m by no means complaining as my upgrade did clear, but that’s a lot of top tier elites!

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  1. did you check to see if your upgrade cleared 2 days ago, alot of the times NW clears Plats 6 days in advance and gold 4 days in advance, so your upgrade might have cleared on the 16th at 1 am eastern time (NW goes by MSP time). What you’re looking at is the upgrading for both plats and golds.

  2. how long was it between the 2/16 -12/16 number? because by looking seat numbers, you’re also including anyone who bought a ticket during that time, and anyone who decided to pick a seat (or get auto assigned a seat) for a ticket that they already bought. On the other hand, 12/16 seem to suggest there are people who should of had upgrades but didn’t

  3. sam, I actually checked the seatmaps on Friday night and then again yesterday afternoon, about 24 hours. I have a feeling not too many purchased F in that time period. Since it wasn’t four days out yet, I doubt the Gold upgrades cleared.

    What’s even scarier is that my upgrades just cleared for the return trip as well, and that was six days out for travel on a Saturday. I was sure to check the seatmap last night, and it was basically empty, while it’s nearly full this morning. That’s a lot of Platinums!

  4. hey lcuky, do you know if airlines publish the number of people at each elite level every year. I think i saw the figures of UA eiltes somewhere, i remember off the top of my head there were around 18,000 global services members in 2006

  5. Unfotunately I don’t think they do, Sam. I saw the UA numbers that were out a few years back, but I haven’t seen anything since from UA or any other carrier, unfortunately.

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