Will I get lucky on Northwest?

So tomorrow evening I’m flying from Tampa to Detroit, and the flight looks rather full (P4Y5), but probably not full enough to get a bump, at least as of now. That’s kind of a blessing, since I have to be in Ann Arbor on Saturday morning. The return, however, looks a bit more promising. It’s currently sold out in coach and only has a three seats remaining for sale in first class.

Nonetheless, of the three flights I’ve taken on Northwest that were zeroed out at the time of check-in, none needed volunteers. Any predictions from the Northwest flyers?

On one hand I’m excited about the fact that I’m flying Northwest, because they moved to the Delta/United terminal, which means I can use the SkyClub before my flight. On the other hand I’m flying on a DC9 in first class, which I’m pretty sure is an oxymoron. At least there’s food to keep me entertained….

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  1. The DC9 F seats are comfortable and IIRC they may actually have footrests as well – been a while since I was flying that on NWA all the time.

    They also have fairly large F cabins so the upgrades are plentiful.

  2. @ weekflyer — Zero percent chance? Isn’t that a bit extreme given that the return flight is zeroed out? Heck, I’ve gotten bumped off flights that looked wide open the day before. C’mon now….

  3. Ga’cha. I tend to agree the chances for tomorrow are low, although you never know if there’ll be a cancellation or something. The return is on Sunday night at 9PM.

  4. no way Lucky, i’ve been flying NWA for the Last 10 years, and have never gotten bumped, and only been offered twice, both times i had to reject 🙁

    If you get bumped on this one, you can start calling yourself “King of the Bump”.

  5. Ben, NW revenue management is scary good, they rarely bump. Hard to say for sure, but I’m guessing they will probably bump people on the return. 50-50 or better would be my guess.

    I don’t know how DL has messed things up with this, but I can’t imagine it would changed a lot.

    DC-9 first class isn’t that bad…the planes are very old, but the cabins have been refreshed….I’d say its better than United first on the 737s. Nothing special, but much better than Y!

  6. Did you get the bump? Hope you enjoyed the NW service, the FAs are great on this route on every flight I’ve taken.

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