Why you should keep your seatbelt on….

Via WJZ:

Miami-Dade Fire Rescue spokesman Lt. Sierra Elkin said 26 of the 168 passengers onboard the flight from Rio de Janeiro to Houston were injured. Four are in serious condition. Another 22 with bumps and bruises are in stable condition.

Flight 128, a Boeing 727, left Brazil shortly after 10 p.m. Sunday night for its scheduled flight to George Bush International Airport/Houston. After encountering severe turbulence, the plane was diverted to Miami and landed at MIA’s gate H-10 just after 5:44 a.m., according to Continental’s website.

Most interesting is the bolded part above. So I guess the 727’s weren’t being retired but rather were having mega-fuel tanks installed? ­čśë

(Tip of the hat to AJ)

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