USAirways eliminates glassware in First effective April 1

I know I’m about two weeks late here, but I didn’t see it anywhere else and just stumbled across this thread on FlyerTalk. Apparently an internal memo says that effective April 1 US will be eliminating glassware in First:

To All Flight Attendants:

One of the hottest topics discussed since the merger was announced has been the differences between the service offered onboard East metal aircraft and the service offered on West metal aircraft. Our goal to ensure the best possible onboard experience for all customers has always been at the forefront…so much so that we asked them what’s most important to them when flying in each class of service we offer.

We were able to determine that they felt that the quality of both the food and beverages we offer onboard were the most important. This was the reasoning for addressing these items across the board first so that the most customers would feel the biggest impact as quickly as possible. Along with the roll-out in December of all new menus, we also re-introduced flatware and beginning in June, hot towels will return to our domestic service.

One area where our First Class customers didn’t feel we should focus too much of our attention, was glassware. As long as the quality and quantity of the beverages we offered were both high, then the use of glassware wasn’t as important. Today, we offer glassware on most meal flights to/from LAS and PHX operated by West metal, but do not offer such on the same flights operated by East metal. Conversely, the opposite holds true where our meal flights to/from CLT and PHL operated by East metal do not offer glassware, yet the West metal does. This has created a great deal of confusion among not only our catering teams and crews, but amongst our customers as well. To eliminate confusion and inconsistencies, beginning April 1, we will no longer offer glassware in any First Class cabin and serve beverages in plastic cups. We continue to look at upgrading the quality of the plastic used when serving beverages in First Class.

With the continuing rise in fuel prices, we must always look to invest our money in those products that really matter to our customers. To add glassware to all First Class flights would have cost the company $15 million a year, money that can be better spent to improve the food quality and amenities that the customers say really matter to them.

Great progress continues to be made on a daily basis and I thank you for your continued support and dedication to offering our customers the best service day in and day out.


Sherri Shamblin
Vice President, InFlight Services

I’m not sure how much worse US wants to get, but it’s pretty clear they’re positioning themselves as the ultimate LCC. Some people in the thread describe the nature of this “survey” where US got “feedback,” and it was basically a “What’s more important to you, glassware or an on-time arrival?” survey. Add this to the no 500 mile minimum, $25 for the second checked bag, and I’m surprised anyone that travels with any frequency chooses them anymore. To be honest I’m kind of excited to see what cost cutting measure they come up with next, it’s kind of entertaining!

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