Travel tip: Make sure doors open on BOTH sides!

So I decided to get up early to watch the sunrise this morning, and went to a lower floor with a viewing deck to do so. Not surprisingly I was the only person there. I snapped a few pictures and then tried to return to my room, but the doors wouldn’t open from the outside. Crap! I was the only person and I couldn’t think of any other way to get back in. I tried some James Bond movies, from trying to walk in places I shouldn’t walk to trying to “break” into doors.

After about 30 minutes of being outside I found a door which opened, but it only led into the banquet room. Great, I thought, since it’ll connect to the elevator bank. Wrong. The room was locked off from the inside of the hotel, so there was no way to get back in. Eventually I found a phone which I could use to call the front desk, and they sent up security to open the door for me.

It’s always an adventure, isn’t it? And here’s one of the pictures from my 30 minute adventure:


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  1. For a picture like that.. it’s worth a 30 minute attempt 😉

    Obviously not Casino Royal or Quantum of What… With a bridge like that – It’s “A view to a kill” 😀

  2. Here’s another great travel tip-make sure you have an FAA approved travel kit if you’re trying to bring toiletries on board. I recently had all of my necessities confiscated at security because of the size of my bottles 🙁 My sister just forwarded me this link that recommends all quality, affordable FAA approved kits and I’ve already ordered one for my next trip. Here’s the link for fellow travelers!

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