The fun begins with USAirways

Given that US (I’d rather refer to them by their ticker symbol, LCC) started charging for non-alcoholic drinks yesterday, I figured today would be a pretty funny day in the news and on FlyerTalk. Surprisingly enough, most are reporting pretty smooth sailing so far.

One highlight was the pin that flight62 (who I believe is a US FA) made, which I’d be very tempted to buy if I were a US flyer. Genius!

I also stumbled upon this gem of an article on Newsday, which is pretty boring other than one quotation which I couldn’t help but laugh at (bolding mine):

Anna Tanguma, 56, of Denver, said she was equally disturbed by the new drink charges. As thirsty as she was, she said she endured the entire flight without buying any beverages. She said she was “proud” to see that her fellow passengers also resisted.

Lady, are you serious? You do realize that US would be perfectly happy if everyone “resisted,” because they’re able to lower their catering costs substantially this way. You’re not showing anyone by resisting!

As View From the Wing points out, the way to show you’re not happy with the new policy is by becoming rude and arguing, as long as it’s not to the point that you get kicked off the flight:

Those that get confrontational, flight attendants are allowed to give those passengers their drink for free. Just don’t get too confrontational or they may have law enforcement meet your plane on arrival.

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  1. Next time I have the misfortune of flying US, I’ll be sure to bring some pennies along to pay for my drink. I suppose that loose pennies are too mean to the FA’s who don’t really deserve it. Rolled pennies on the other hand and relatively convenient and nice and heavy! 🙂

  2. Heh Ryan, you have to get the FA’s in on it and go one step further. Give them the rolled pennies and ask them to unroll them before turning them in. That way management has all of the fun work. 😉

  3. What makes you think someone with a “management” job role would do anything with those coins?

    Personally, I don’t have any problem with this fee. There aren’t many other places in life where free drinks are included. Just because it historically had been part of the air travel experience doesn’t mean it needs to continue forever. There are other things (such as much more frequent crashes) that have disappeared from air travel 😉

  4. Well someone has to account for the revenue from onboard sales, so I’m guessing someone would have to count them or at least do something with them.

    At the end of the day you’re right Oliver, but I don’t think that we should just throw in the towel and accept any change they might bring upon us without a little bit of resistence.

  5. I flew US Airways BWI-PHX on the first day of charging. The gate agents and flight attendants were great at handling the whole thing. They gave everyone in the gate area plenty of warning that it was happening. They did sound a bit embarrassed about it though.

  6. Just flew on USAir the second say after the charges started. We were not warned at the gate this time. The problem as I saw it was people were unprepared, and a woman who needed a glass of water to take some medicine before we took of was told she would have to wait and purchase a bottle for 2.00. (I think the haggling went long enough that the attendant gave in and brought a 1/2 full glass).
    I don’t fly often, but between that, and the ripped up seats and flight attendants actually forgetting our row when it was time for drinks(they were passing through so quick and only when they had to),,, I’m concerned about the overall way the company is run, and was concerned that maybe they only did bare minimum for safety as well(we were held up by a broken door before we could board) I don’t fly often. The rules and quality seem to change each time I fly,,, It actually made me nervous to think the company would be comfortable with this presentation.

  7. Lisa,

    Thanks for the report, it sounds like US didn’t do a good job this time around. About safety though, I really wouldn’t be concerned. While US airlines certainly have more minor mechanical delays than airlines in many other countries, you should still feel very safe flying. The standards are very high for the important things, just look at the overall safety records of US airlines. I’m always amazed by how safe flying is…

    Thanks again for checking in. 🙂

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