The Birding Festival is tomorrow (which is your chance to bid on a ride in one of United’s flight simulators)!

As I posted about several weeks ago, the Birding Festival is tomorrow, Saturday, May 1. A portion of the proceeds from this event go to the Captain Jason Dahl Scholarship Fund. Captain Jason Dahl was the Captain of United flight 93 on September 11, so this scholarship fund helps aviation students pursue their dreams. It’s a great cause in memory of an amazing guy.

Anyway, if you’d like to make a donation, check out this page of the Captain Jason Dahl Scholarship Fund website. In addition to the sponsorship levels of $20, $50, and $100, there’s a silent auction for some pretty nifty prizes. The coolest has to be an hour long ride in one of United’s flight simulators at their Denver Training Facility. There’s also a silent auction for four Rockies tickets and two Broncos tickets.

Now, if I had to bet, I’d say the flight sim ride might just be a huge bargain. Getting a ride in a full motion flight simulator is very, very difficult nowadays. This is an incredible cause and while I haven’t had the opportunity to fly a full motion flight simulator yet, everyone I know that has raves about it. So why not give it a shot, in support of a great cause for something that could be a great experience? If you’re not at the event and are interested in bidding in the silent auction, please email me and I’ll give you the phone number to call to place a bid.

Oh, and if you’re feeling generous, enjoy my blog, and the thought of flying out to Denver to ride in some boring airplane doesn’t excite you, I’d gladly go in your place and write a full report. 😉

And, as always, for anyone looking to make a donation to this great cause, this can be done via Paypal here.

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  1. I feel spoiled since I’ve flown in several. In high school, with AFJROTC, I had an opportunity to fly an F-16 simulator and later an AH-64D Apache sim. This was the mid 90’s. Just a couple years ago a friend in Honolulu got me in to fly a C-17 simulator – and the modern wraparound display was unbelievable. I got to mid-air refuel too. 🙂

    Never have flown a commercial airliner sim though. Was promised a shot at an HP sim a decade ago but that never materialized. Oh well.

  2. I got to fly in a US Air simulator ages ago when I was a kid. My parents were good friends of one of their pilots, so he invited me and my brother to come out. It was really a neat experience!

  3. I was in an A320 sim a couple of weeks ago, very cool, especially if you’re a ‘fan’ of airplanes. I’d highly recommend it to anyone that gets a chance.

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