Thanks for your loyalty to the airline industry!

United’s outsourced call centers never cease to entertain me. In the past I’ve been thanked by them for being “a loyal hundred million mile flyer,” which I’m pretty sure is hard to top, but I had something equally funny this evening.

I was calling regarding my brother’s itinerary to “San Jey-wan” (as the agent pronounced it), and I was trying to switch his mileage number on file from Mileage Plus to bmi Diamond Club. As we finished up the call the polite agent exclaimed “and I wanted to thank you so much for being a Star Alliance Silver, we appreciate your loyalty… to the airline industry.”

Ah, yes, I’m certain this particular agent appreciated my brother’s loyalty to American and Continental. 😀

Hey, kudos to the agent for trying!

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  1. hey, It think the agent is perfectly justified to say that, these days, the biggest competition to an airline is not another airline, but rather cars, trains, and most of all, cell phones, and video chatting. They would certainly appreciate your brother flying American as oppose to not flying at all.

  2. The outsourced call centres are the worst.

    Thank God for the Premier Executive “benefit” of American call centre agents who are fluent in English.

  3. Did you forget to dial the secret 1k number or are you just a glutton for pain? Surprisingly the outsourced United chat with an agent function works pretty well and luckily I haven’t spoken with an outsourced call agent from UA or DL in over a year.

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