Temper tantrum over a 30 minute delay

And this is why travel never gets boring. I just got to the Red Carpet Club at IAD, and the guy checking in ahead of me was informed his flight (which I also happen to be on) will be 30 minutes late. “30 minutes, what? I need to get home now.” After going back and forth and just standing there, he says “is there another airline you can put me on then?” The patient agent said “no, that’s the only flight to Chicago.” At this point the passenger got pissed — “You’re telling me there are no other flights to Chicago before then on another airline? That’s bull$*&%!”

Oh, some people. It’s one thing if this were a three hour delay, but a 30 minute delay….. just wow.

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  1. I wish they would have put him on another flight that ends up getting delayed and arriving after UA’s. 😀

  2. Could have been one of two guys…

    Guy Who Would Complain If He Was Told That His Flight Was Arriving 30 Minutes EARLY (or for any other reason, really)


    Guy Who Likes to Hear the Sound of His Own Voice.

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