Video: Boombox Causes Brawl On Spirit Airlines Flight

I’m absolutely shocked to hear this happened on Spirit Airlines. 😉

A brawl erupted on a Spirit Airlines flight last night in Los Angeles, after the plane landed from Baltimore. The fight happened over a boombox. That’s right, a boombox. Those are still a thing?!

Here’s one video of the incident:

Here’s what happened, via CBS Los Angeles:

It all started, witnesses said, after the plane had landed and a few passengers were playing their music loudly. According to CBS Baltimore, five women were involved in the melee that began because the music was apparently being blasted on a boombox.

Other passengers asked them to turn the volume down. From there, tensions rose and the passengers came to blows.

We see passengers acting stupidly on planes all the time, but this is just next level stupid. The crazy part, though? No one was arrested:

Airport police and the FBI also arrived on the scene. No arrests were made but one person was cited.

Seriously?! We’ve seen so many instances of passengers being escorted off planes over minor disagreements, like flight attendants not liking the way passengers spoke to them. But here we have an actual physical altercation to a degree I haven’t seen in a long time on a plane, and there are no arrests?

But instead of being surprised I’ll just be amused by the fact that there are still people with boomboxes, and that those people seem to think it’s okay to play them loudly on planes.

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  1. Yikes! I flew from BWI – FLL and MCO – BWI last week on Spirit. It was my first experience on Spirit. On the BWI-FLL segment the guys sitting in front of us were watching tv on their loud phablets at full volume. Ordering shots of rum. The flight attendants were carrying crushed beer cans to the back of the plane. It was something else…. I realized how spoiled I am on UA/AA. It’s worth the extra money to avoid the ratchetness of Spirit.

    Another note – the MCO-BWI segment was 2 hours delayed because they forgot to replace the oxygen tank in the cockpit. This is preventative maintenance and should have been done at night or prior to the 8am departure. Complete nonsense.

  2. Not surprised about no arrests: the plane had landed, so those involved were no longer a threat to aviation by definition (presuming they weren’t connecting). As long as nobody was hurt and nobody wanted to press charges, why spend the tax money to detain/arrest/incarcerate them? What’s shown in the video wouldn’t generally lead to arrests in a different venue. Citation(s) seem appropriate.

  3. I saw this on the Today show this morning, and wondered if there would be a blog post coming.

    I’m surprised that nobody was arrested.

  4. Undecided who are the biggest idiots: The ones fighting, or the morons filming it, instead of breaking up these “Trump voters”

  5. I’m a bit puzzled. I made a comment about how none of the group were Muslims, so they were given the benefit of the doubt (alluding to how Muslim flyers are often singled out for harsh treatment), and the comment disappeared. Was it deleted?

  6. Disgusting Animals. Someone needs to clear out the trailer parks, round these subhuman whites up and send them back to Europe. Can’t go anywhere without them being violent. Probably use their welfare money for meth.

  7. Not surprised at all – Hence I do not travel low cost airlines
    my favorite line to C level – you pay peanuts , you get monkeys .. that analogy applies across the board

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