Free “Inspired” Status With Small Luxury Hotels Of The World

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Small Luxury Hotels of the World is a collection of about 520 independent hotels around the world. As the name suggests, the hotels are for the most part boutique luxury properties.

Viceroy Bali, an SLH property

My biggest complaint about the major hotel chains is that you get a cookie cutter experience, which definitely isn’t the case with these properties (though I’m happy the major hotel chains are creating some independent hotel brands, like Design HotelsTribute Portfolio, etc.).

Small Luxury Hotels of the World has a loyalty program. They have three membership tiers, which they recently rebranded (they also changed around the benefits associated with each status level):

  • Invited Member (first stay), which gets you early check-in and check-out subject to availability, complimentary wifi, member exclusive rates, daily continental breakfast, etc.
  • Inspired Member (1-5 stays), which gets you a room upgrade and birthday gift
  • Indulged Member (6+ stays), which gets you access to invite only events and a reward night voucher

Surprisingly the biggest benefits here come with the entry level status, though you might as well get the highest status possible. Besides, these are hotels you’d stay at because of how unique they are, rather than because of their loyalty program. Note that with this program you only get the benefits if you book through SLH and not if you book through the hotels directly, as this is more of a marketing partnership than anything.

Last year I wrote about how SLH was offering free “Loved” status (at the time their mid-tier status) to holders of many credit cards. God Save The Points notes that this offer is once again available. Those with an American Express or Mastercard product can enroll and instantly receive mid-tier “Inspired” status for 12 months. This will get you special rates, free wifi, early check-in and late check-out, free continental breakfast, room upgrades, etc. Existing members should be able to upgrade as well by logging in.

The terms for this are as follows:

INVITED. Membership Level: Upon registering you will auto enrol onto Tier 2 Inspired: 2/5 qualifying stays through the SLH reservation channels within a 12 month period. Registering as a member: A Member can join Invited by registering online at, via Facebook and via Google Plus by providing SLH with their contact details and a personal profile to allow SLH to give the Member a personalised service. The Member agrees that the details provided will be true, accurate and up-to-date. Only Individuals are eligible to join Invited. Only one membership is available per person. Joint or family membership is not available. ALL BENEFITS ARE SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY and do not apply with bookings made directly with hotel or through any other provider.

You don’t actually need to enter a credit card number, so anyone should be able to sign-up through one of those links.

Cordee des Alpes in Verbier, Switzerland, an SLH property

Have you ever stayed at a Small Luxury Hotel of the World property?

  1. The link for updating existing members does nothing for me, tried Chrome and IE but just get a dialog box that has a button that says Close.

  2. On the hat tip to GSTP, this was originally posted on Raffles HeadForPoints blog earlier this week. It appears that GSTP lifted from there without any hat tip, which is bad form. I believe that there has been past tensions between those 2 blogs regarding original content.

  3. This entire free status thing seems like a bait and hook strategy for overpriced hotels. Pay $1100/night and get free breakfast.

    If you’re willling to pay that much for a room, I’m not sure these ‘benefits’ are really that beneficial for you.

  4. Lucky, do you ever stay at Kimptons? I’m on my second year of Inner Circle and am really happy with the hospitality. Upgrades are generous and the welcome amenity is often a huge spread of my favorite things noted in my profile. IHG seems to be totally hands off with them.

    Not a big footprint, but if you want an experience that isn’t cookie cutter this can be another good option.

  5. @Sasidhar Based on a search I did, not all hotels are that expensive. I found some in the 180, 200 euros range.

  6. I think you still have to stay 2/5 to get inspired level as the link does nothing to upgrade you to inspired and there is no AMEX questions.

  7. I’m always leery of these random portolfios. Basically. They aren’t chains. Just marketing alliances. Small Luxury Hotels, for example, doesn’t have quality control over the properties nor does it have customer service to resolve issues that arise in the way Marriott could with a Marriott portfolio hotel. Yes, some of the hotels are very nice but I think some of them are quite poor and not that great — there’s a reason why they aren’t affiliated with something more prominent.

  8. I have had nothing but appalling service from SLH .They offer absolutely no customer service . I have been a member for several years but abandoned them last year .If a reservation issue arises that requires assistance there is none . Further they often offer membership sign up incentives such as the one outlined in the article but they always seem to be disingenuous.

  9. I’ve had status with them for years which, curiously, never seems to go below “inspired”, even when I don’t stay with them for a year or two.

    Like all “non-chain” consortiums, I find them to be very hit or miss. One property, that I stayed at frequently for a few years, has left the program, reopening after a remodel as part of Hilton’s Curio group. When they were in SLH, the property was a little tired, but the service was decent and having SLH status got me significantly better rooms, usually suites, than my colleagues.

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