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So I sent my brother a link to the most recent Ritz Carlton film (which I blogged about a few days ago), and he ended up watching all three. We agreed overall on the meaning of the first and third video, but he started telling me his view of the second video (“Last Night”), and we disagreed on a certain detail.

So, I’d love to hear what others think. In order to avoid asking a pointed question, who is the lady in the film (in other words, does she have any previous relation to the guy)? If possible, watch it a few times (I’ve watched it four times and gotten new clues each time), and I’d love to hear what others think (and ultimately prove my brother wrong, of course;)). For the link above be sure to click “Last Night” on the right, since any direct link will only show the most recent movie.

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  1. What’s the question? The boys toast to the bride “Laila.” He says, “Goodnight, Laila.” She’s his fiance — just having a little “pickup” game.

    Also… dayyyyymn.

  2. To me, the most interesting thing about this short is that it’s an homage/remake of a scene from the 1998 Clooney/J. Lo starrer Out of Sight. Each shot of the encounter, the editing style of cutting back and forth, use of slow motion, even the music, and the actress’ look is from Out of Sight.

    But she’s supposed to be the fiance, right? They were role-playing…

    Lucky, please explain the clues or different conclusions. Thanks!

  3. OK, I realized I was misinterpreting it all along, and xj47 finally set me straight via IM. I was convinced she wasn’t his fiancé, while my brother was convinced that she was. The things that confused me were that she was labeled as “The Trouble,” and just in general the complete unfamiliarity between the two.

    For some reason it never occurred to me that they were roll playing.

    So how can I explain all the “signs” that would say they were actually together?

    Well, when they toast to Lila at the beginning and when he says goodnight “Lila,” I assumed that he said that much in the same way that I would say “thanks mom” in a very sarcastic tone. She reminds him to bring the rings, and my thought was that it reminded him of his fiancé, always making sure he doesn’t forget important details, so sarcastically said that.

    How did she know the best man’s name? Well, I figured he was down in the bar earlier (as the bartender confirms), and maybe spoke to her as well.

    What about the sex(ish) scenes? Well, I assumed that’s why she’s called “The Trouble,” and it was just daydreaming.

    Of course now I realize why I’m totally wrong, that it’s all roll playing, and that it’s really his fiance.

    Now when I watch it I’m quite embarrassed to say that I thought otherwise. I think I read way too far into this.

    Thanks to those that helped set me straight. 🙂

  4. I don’t think that you should be embarrassed that you read too much into it – I think it just shows that you’re a regular college student who is taught to pull five types of interpretation out of any text ;^)! (Says the former English major….)

    (Btw, thanks for your answer over on the status match post comments.)

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