Reminder: Don’t check a $50,000 bag

I’m always amazed that people actually check bags with valuables in them. I can’t help but shake my head every time I read a thread on FlyerTalk entitled something like “Delta lost my bag with eight Wiis in it” or “United lost my checked bag with a dozen iPads in it!” If you have something valuable, DON’T check it!

And then there’s Giorgio Gucci, who decided to check a bag with $50,000 worth of historical Gucci items, which was “lost” by US Airways. It’s one thing if he had all those valuables in a bag that at least looked cheap on the outside, but I’m betting the bag itself was a Gucci bag too. Bad, bad move.

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  1. Yup, if you got anything valuable make sure you either stay with the bag or use Fedex and insure the contents. For those that don’t, well they deserve what they get.

    People still want to blame others for their own stupidity.

  2. Like the recent thread in FLyertalk’s Delta forum, “My wife gate checked her carryon and forgot that her laptop was in it. She brought it home and now we realize the screen is cracked. What will Delta do for me?”

  3. Ben, I was under the impression that you, as part of your travels, act as an air courier, transporting valuables between cities. Not sure how I had that impression. Is that true?

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