Really cool ANA video!

Just came across this awesome video today:

Those that have flown ANA know that this is almost spot on and isn’t just another unrealistic promotion. Not to advertise, but ANA really is a great airline and this video brought me back to my most recent ANA trip last summer, which was excellent. Enjoy!

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  1. Lucky,
    If you liked ANA’s, you might be blown away–as I was, and I gather the effect was intended–by what AAmerican offers its new FA hires.
    At thend of the interview I was/we were treated to something like a cross between a lightshow and intensive brainwashing, a tumbling waterfall of iconic AA images, very stimulating visuals coming at jet speed. Nothing like it, since; the ANA version is roughly comparable, I suppose, but minus the “brain attack.”:->)

  2. Except, as Lucky said and I will second, that’s how it really is on ANA! And it has that theme song that sticks in your head…

    Of course, if you want propaganda and iconic images, you can find on the net, a J-Drama series called “Good Luck”. It ran for 10 episodes and told the adventures of an ANA flight crew & ground staff. It was shot with ANA’s cooperation and as a result of the show, ANA was deluged with job applications.

    The difference of course is that Lucky’s video is the real deal…!

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