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Should I put all My Amex Points to Alaskan Airlines??

Should I put all My Amex Points to Alaskan Airlines??

  1. Anonymous

    Hi Lucky,

    First of all let me thank you for all the time and efforts you put into your blog, providing so much helpful information to the public.

    I have a few questions for you:-

    1) Being based in Asia most of the time now, and currently a member of SQ’s Krisflyer, CX’s Asianmiles and EK’s Skyward, I wonder if your tips about acquiring more miles apply to us living in Asia?Are we disadvantaged because there seems a less chance of points offers as prolific as in the States.

    2) You highly recommend Alasakan Airlines Loyalty Program, so should I now start to accumulate all my points (from credit card purchases and Airlines ) to this program? Is this THE BEST airline loyalty program at the moment?

    3) which leads to my question 3, I have 150, 000 points accumulated in my Amex card, and have been wanting to transfer my Amex points to either Krisflyer or Asianmile. Should i? Or the best thing to do is to have all the Amex points converted to Alaskan Airline’s Alaska Mileage Plan?

    Thanks Lucky Ben!!!

  2. PhatMiles

    Lucky is based out of the US and a majority of his readers are too. I would not say being in a non-US is bad for miles but any given day the miles earning opportunities are predominant in the US more than any other place. That holds true to non-flying based accruals. If you are flying a lot, then everyone is more or less in the same bucket. You will have to see if depositing the miles to the same airline’s program or a different program will get you the benefits you need.
    For example, when flying on Quantas it is better to deposit on AA than Quantas since AA has a better program. Same thing with Emirates. You are better off depositing in Alaska than Emirates.

    Lucky values Alaska miles for their ability to redeem on Cathay and Emirates mainly. There are other good uses of Alaska miles but CX and EK F being main for him. If you are after the same products or biz, then Alaska mileage is a good bank to sit on. SQ miles are good too, but they impose fuel surcharges.

    You said you have 150K in your Amex Card. Which card? What kind of points you have? MR or SPG?
    AFAIK, you cannot trasfer MR to Alaska. You can transfer SPG points to Alaska and that is a good option in my opinion.

    Without knowing your travel needs and patterns there is no way once can suggest THE BEST program for you.

  3. Gaurav

    It would also be useful to know where you are based Jem as issuers do have different transfer partners based on country. I know AmEx has different redemption options in Canada and the UK than in the US.

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