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Answers (3)

Please help! Questions about Emirates 2nd flight LAX-DXB

Please help! Questions about Emirates 2nd flight LAX-DXB

  1. SeattleTodd

    Hi everyone,

    I’d love some help as quickly as possible while there’s still the availability I need; I’m afraid to book it over some possibly unfounded concerns.

    We’re traveling LAX-DXB-BKK on EK F next year. We’re currently booked on the first flight out of LAX at 3:35pm which lands in DXB at ~7:30pm and after a 3-hour layover connect to BKK departing ~10:30pm. I’m considering switching to the second flight which departs LAX at 9:30pm and arrives in DXB at 1:30am, then connecting on a flight to BKK at 3:05am.

    My questions:

    1. I know I saw someone post on here that the 2nd LAX-DXB flight is being downgraded from an A380 to a B777-300ER. I’ve never seen that manifested in Emirates’ schedule, but I certainly wouldn’t want to take us off the earlier flight if the later flight is not going to be an A380.

    2. Would there be any difference in meal or other onboard service between the 3:30pm and the 9:30pm flights from LAX-DXB?

    3. 90 minutes layover in DXB isn’t a ton of time — do you have to clear any immigration/security when transiting in DXB? I’d hope we’d have SOME time to use the EK lounge.

    4. I remember enjoying the shopping in DXB when I was there before; would anything in the airport be open between 1:30am and 3:05am? For that matter, is the EK lounge in full swing at that hour?

    5. Finally, I have no idea what determines which terminal at DXB an A380 arrives at or departs from. What’s the chance that the flights from LAX and the flight to DXB arrive at and depart from the same terminal? What’s the chance that it’s the “better” terminal with the better lounge that provides direct A380 boarding from the lounge?

    Thank you all SO much!


  2. David W

    Didnt the 2nd daily A380 LAX service just start a few months ago? If they’re officially downgrading the route, I’m sure it’ll be posted by Lucky. However, if its an unscheduled equipment change, it’s harder to control and plan for it since your trip is so far out.

    I believe there is transit security and should be fairly quick so you should have a bit time for the lounge though I’d prefer a longer connection in this situation.

    Given that the middle of the night is rush hour for airports in that region, shops and lounges should be in full swing.

    I believe concourse A and B of terminal 3 are both A380 capable but I’ve only had departures from the B gates. The A gates are the ones where the gates are directly accessible from the F lounge. Not sure if there are specific flights that depart out of a particular concourse. However, I think that aside from direct gate access, the lounges in either concourse are the same in terms of service and amenities.

  3. Anonymous

    I had heard rumors of the flight being downgraded, though it doesn’t look like it actually materialized. That could still change, but as of now I haven’t seen the change occur. Regardless, the meal service should be the same (or very similar) for both flights, with a big dine on demand menu.

    The transit should be efficient, as stated by David above, and the middle of the night is rush hour in Dubai.

    The “A” concourse is primarily for A380s, though they also operate out of other concourses. So there’s no way to know in advance, but either way transiting between them shouldn’t be complicated.

    Enjoy the trip!

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