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Dining on demand concept

Dining on demand concept

  1. Anonymous

    Dear Lucky & Team

    I am about to be having my first experience on qatar business shortly, flying fra-doh-akl; akl-psa. Highly looking forward to the experience ๐Ÿ™‚ i thought i would ask one thing which is just not clear to me – and as i was reading more and more on the topic i found as many interpretations as many people are out there. This is about dining on demand. Can you help ehat is that exactly? You can have anything and everything whenever you want? Even 24x time the dessert if you are in that mood? ๐Ÿ™‚ Or you can have breakfast say at breakfast time? Or anytime if you loke? Or this means that if you do not proactively ask for something you are not served anything so that you are not disturbed? Seems to be an interesting one. Appreciate if you can share your thoughts. As i read there is interest out there but very few reliable pieces of info regarding this concept.

    Thanks a lot in advance!
    Have a nice day

  2. MidSouthSkier


  3. David W

    Dine on demand means that the meals arent completely “structured” and that you can eat whichever meal you want, whenever you want.

    For most airlines, and especially in economy, a full meal is served not too long after take off, usually lunch if it’s a daytime flight and dinner if it’s an evening flight. About 90 minutes before landing, a 2nd meal is served, and is usually slightly smaller. than the first meal. On ultra long haul flights, there may be a snack service around the halfway point and there may be other snacks available available on request.

    Dine on demand basically gives you a menu with various options and you can order from whichever section and asked to be served right away or at your own specified time. Theoretically, yes you can have 24 desserts if you’re in that mood but realistically, there may not be that many desserts catered for the flight, they run out, or may have it reserved for other pax.

    Some cabin crews will proactively ask if you want something every so often (though if you are asleep, they may not wake you) and other crews may wait for you to press the call button.

    Airlines do this for different reasons. Marketing – Dine on Demand sounds great. Dine any time you want and not because that’s a meal is scheduled. Efficiency – some passengers eat before getting on board. Crew may assist those passengers in getting settled first (like getting a bed made or drinks) and then serve meals for those who ask for it. Since they’re serving less pax at once, service could be faster and/or more personal.

    However – please dont ask for more food than you can eat nor should you overeat to the point of getting sick. It’s not fun for anyone ๐Ÿ™

    I hope you enjoy the flights and your trip! ๐Ÿ™‚

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