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Answers (6)

Storage solution for multiple currencies

Storage solution for multiple currencies

  1. Anonymous

    Hi Ben,
    First of all I like your blog and read it nearly every week 🙂 Good job!

    My partner and I have a growing problem : we just have too many different currencies accumulated during our travels…. We have a medium size safe at home and these pouches have taken up so much space.

    So how do you store multiple currencies? Any better solutions?



  2. rickyw

    If it is something you’re trying to get rid of because it’s just a small amount, you could look at donating it.

    UNICEF has a nice program where you can donate unused foreign currency. If you just have a few notes here and there, then maybe that could be a good use.


    If it’s a significant amount of money that you’ve been saving for a next trip or something like that, then maybe this isn’t for you. Just a thought!

  3. MidSouthSkier

    I hang on to currencies for countries/regions where I feel like I’ll be able to use it again but otherwise I’ll either donate it or exchange whatever bills I have left. I recently flew back to the US from Hungary and had only one bill left. But I went ahead and exchanged it for Euros in Frankfurt as I knew I’d definitely be able to use those a whole lot sooner than I’d be able to use Hungarian money.

  4. Anonymous

    I definitely try to keep the amount of extra cash to a minimum these days.

    Otherwise my system is similar to yours, but I use a binder with plastic photo-protecting sleeves ([URL][/URL]), which seems to help reduce the amount of wasted space.

    Ben carries all his belongings with him, so just keeps his foreign currency in an alphabetical stack in his travel wallet.

  5. Donna

    I’m with Tiffany on this. Just about everywhere I go I’m able to utilize credit cards more easily now than ever. I find ways to use up remaining cash as much as possible prior to leaving a country. Normally I leave coin change with the tip for the hotel maid and retain any remaining bills. I keep the bills filed in a binder.

  6. David W

    I also rely heavily on credit cards. I only get cash in small amounts so that I dont end up with much left over, especially if I know I probably wont be back to that country. Like [USER=1566]@Gia[/USER], I also tend to leave behind coins and a few bills of local currency for the hotel maid. For currencies I do keep, I just have it in envelopes like you do but I dont keep it in a safe.

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