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Answers (7)

SPG Lifetime Points??

SPG Lifetime Points??

  1. KTL30

    Hey Lucky,
    First time, long time…
    With the merging of SPG and Marriott Rewards in August, how will they identify/count Lifetime SPG points? I’m of the understanding that those aren’t tracked (like they are with Marriott Rewards). Thanks!

  2. KTL30

    For context, trying to qualify to LT status between Aug-Dec while the existing Marriott Rewards structure (night, points vs. Night, years) is in place. Thanks!

  3. David W

    Lifetime status is mentioned in the big post about the new program:


    Are you an existing SPG member that’s close to lifetime status? It looks like once August comes, you’re only option is to earn based on the new rules (your existing lifetime credits should transfer over).

  4. KTL30

    Thanks. I read that post once Lucky published, but this specific item was mentioned.

    I’m a member of both, but my primary program is MR, but the merging of programs will give me a bit of a boost towards LT gold (old program). I agree that LT nights will carry over, but per this link, SPG didn’t track LT points.


  5. rickyw

    To clarify further – if you calculate your lifetime SPG points, would you qualify for Marriott Lifetime Platinum currently (750 nights plus 2,000,000 points)? And you’re wondering if you currently meet those requirements, but not 10+ years as a Platinum member, would you get the new Lifetime Platinum Premier?

    Interesting questions, and I don’t know the answer! Just making sure I understand and maybe someone else can chime in.

  6. David W

    The way I understand it is that transferring SPG points to Marriott now wont count towards lifetime status. It’s only if you need to redeem for a Marriott property. In August, all your points from SPG transfer to Marriott, and your lifetime nights/years transfer to Marriott. But at that point, the LT qualifications are the new ones that’s based on nights and elite years, not points. Therefore, in August, when the programs combine, your only way to qualify for lifetime status is the new method where it’s Lifetime Nights and Elite Years.

  7. KTL30

    [USER=1436]@rickyw[/USER] – Basically. Once the program’s merge, on that date, if I have over 500 combined LT nights, and 1.6MM combined LT points, would that qualify for LT Gold (old)/Platinum (new)?
    What is holding me up, is that I don’t believe SPG tracked LT points. So between redemptions and transferring SPG points, I’m not sure how mayn points will move over and if I will be at, above, or below the 1.6MM in August.
    I was on pace to hit LT Gold in the old MR program in early-mid 2019, and really looking forward to lounge access in perpetuity. But the new Gold status excludes that, and doesn’t really have exciting benefits. Anyone know if MR is being flexible if you’re close (or is it a take it or leave it situation)?

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